7 Fall Candles to Add to Your Home

Day or night, it doesn’t matter—there’s never a bad time to light a candle. We’re almost certain we have a candlelit in one of our rooms now! Candles always bring a sense of coziness to your place. 

When a candle is lit, it instantly sets the mood throughout your entire home. The smell of scented candles swiftly goes through your house like the smell of fresh-baked cookies fresh from your grandma’s oven. 

If you find your candle options getting low, check out these fall-seasoned candles that you should definitely add to your home collection.

#1 Bee Hive Candles
These candles start as low as ten bucks! Not bad, granted they are aromatherapy and made from real beeswax. These aromatherapy beeswax candles have been designed specifically for you. 

Through testing and customer input the company believes they have come up with the perfect balance of essential oils to beeswax, so they smell “just right.” The beeswax candles are crafted using ultra-clean beeswax that is then infused with an expertly formulated blend of pure essential oils. No fragrances, artificial scents, or fillers added. 

They are truly 100% pure beeswax and 100% pure essential oils with a 100% cotton wick. Still cannot decide on a scent for this fall? Not to worry, because they have a six-pack sampler that contains: clarity, energizing, invigorating, relaxing, sensuality, and overall being. Each scent includes essential oils created to help get your mind and body on the right path. 


Byredo is a Swedish company, producing fragrances, leather goods, and accessories. Their candles start off around $85, which is a bit on the pricey side, but we know they are well worth every penny! 

The “Woods” scented candle is a scent that reminds you of the fall outdoors. Its name is perfect for the fragrance you are welcoming into your home. The diverse and complex scents of woodland, topped by the soothing energy of the cedar wood, contribute to a relaxing smell.  

For a better BYEDO burning experience,  trim the candlewick before each use to ensure the full aroma. The total burn time from this candle is approximately sixty hours.  

#3 Wicked Flame

We are almost certain every home décor lover knows that fall is one of the best times to add candles to your interior design. It doesn’t matter what type of décor or style you have in your space, as there is a candle for every occasion. 

Prior to you hitting your favorite candle store or filling up an online cart, we suggest you consider the impact a unique fall smell can have on your space—regardless of your design aesthetic. Ask yourself: do you enjoy subtle aromas or more earthy home scents? 

Each Wicked Flame candle is carefully curated with natural ingredients to help you find bliss, relax, and reclaim your time.  Wicked Flame launched to inspire work, life, and balance through aromatherapy and self-care. 

Since 2007, Wicked Flame has lit the way to the comfort zone with blissful fragrance and vegan products that promote the good life for less.

#4 Nest

Nest is a classic candle that offers approximately 50-60 hours of exceptional scent from the moment you light it. They have iconic fragrances that will completely captivate your home, leaving your space feeling relaxed and welcoming just in time for the fall season. 

The Grapefruit three-wick candle is one of Nest’s bestsellers. It elevates everyday living and entertaining and is meticulously crafted with a proprietary premium wax formulated so the candle burns cleanly and evenly and infuses a room with exceptional scent. 

With keynotes of pink pomelo, which in scientific terms is Citrus maxima, grapefruit, and watery green notes combine with lily of the valley and coriander blossom. This exhilarating scent is perfect for those sunny fall days. 

This candle is housed in a glass vessel etched with elegant, frosted stripes to complement any décor!

#5 LIT Brooklyn

These candles are perfect for fall! They each have a signature scent that unfolds into each room space. 

The Willow specifically has a unique blend of masculine energy and feminine divinity. It’s warm and inviting. 

Sandalwood comes with touches of hibiscus, gently kissed with lavender. Although it is listed as limited edition we encourage you to grab yours while supplies last. 

Priced at just $40.40 and with a burn time of approximately 60 hours, you will not be upset with this investment. 

#6 Baobab

The Platinum scented candle comes from Baobab Collection, starting at $65. The silver-tone wax Platinum scented candle from Baobab Collection features a silver-tone finish, a round body, and a printed logo to the front. 

Created in Tanzania in 2002, Baobab Collection’s candles and diffusers are renowned for their size and designs. Find candles and diffusers inspired by faraway places and wild nature, a statement piece for every interior. Their largest candle will light up your home and diffuse its scent for up to an astonishing 800 hours. 

The Baobab Zanzibar Spices scented candle is perfect for the fall! It comes in a 16cm high glass vase. The fragrance is inspired by the lively buzzing atmosphere of the island of Zanzibar. Baobab has truly captured the essence of the ‘spice island’ as it is known. The Zanzibar Spices scented candle has a rich aroma with woody base notes that blend with cinnamon and turmeric and smooth sweet caramel. 

#7 ZEN-Me Creations

The ZEN-Me candle features a blend of natural soy wax and paraffin wax, and a natural wick made from organic wood to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire with exceptional fragrance. 

It is created to produce a stronger fragrance, burn clean all the way to the edges, and requires no trimming. 

The warm vanilla sugar candle is great for lighting during fall season. It has an inviting blend of vanilla, coconut, sandalwood, and fragrant basmati rice, with hints of heliotrope flowers and light musk. Overall it is a cozy fragrance that will leave you feeling in the season.

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There is no time like now to stock up on your candles. And buying candles is not just a female thing—in fact, many scents have included a masculine line for the male consumers. We are sure everyone wants to come home to a great smelling place, especially during the fall season. Would you try any of these candles? Which candles would you recommend? 

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