8 Candle Scents that Will Improve Your Mood

Long days and sleepless nights can really take a toll on someone’s mood. Many times, we never realize that little things that can impact our mood in a positive manner. Lighting candles is one of those little things!

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest and most effective tools when it comes to adjusting your mood and behavior. If you haven’t tried these candle scents to help improve your mood then the CGS team encourages you to. We promise you will not be blue for long.

#1 Orange

Who doesn’t love a good orange scented candle? Candles with orange and citrus scents can decrease tensions and increase tranquility. There’s something in the citrus family that just does something to increase our moods. Orange citrus aroma is best used for easing worries that we tend to stress about and have no control over.

Whether you had a long day in the office wondering if your direct manager will like the presentation pitch or you’re a student freaking out about your final grade. The aroma of the orange citrus is easily recognizable and has been used to brighten one’s mood. Along with boosting one’s mood, the scent is great for soothing your senses and bringing calmness to you.

The smell of orange from a burning candle can dramatically reduce the levels of anxiety and stress in women. It is one of the highest recommended aromas for expecting mothers as it can reduce the amount of stress our bodies take on. Light this orange sweet scented candle and take note on how fast your mood reacts to it.

#2 Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most calming and natural aromas around. The scent is best used to help with calming of high nerves and tense situations. If you need a scent to be smelled throughout your home, then we highly recommend lighting something that has jasmine in it.

Jasmine aroma has a sedative quality that can make any loud room, calm and manageable. Along with its calming factors, you may also find jasmine scented candles help to ease anxiety. If you have a high-stress work environment, add a jasmine-scented candle to your desk!

#3 Lemon

Lemon, like its other citrus family members, is one of the best aromas to have smelling throughout your home or office space. It not only enhances your mental mood, but it also assists in increasing your physical task performance.

The lemon aroma makes it the perfect fragrance to have wafting through the air to help bring you energy and focus. If you find yourself lost without your creative juices, simply light your favorite lemon scented candle – sit back and watch the creative juices flow. 

#4 Rosemary

Not only can you infuse your spa water with rosemary, but you can also inhale the wonderful aroma. It is best used for memorizing images and/or numbers. If you are preparing for something that requires you to use your memory motor skills, then light a rosemary-scented candle! The scent is also great to inhale when you are called on to memorize under pressure!

#5 Peppermint

The smell of peppermint can be sweet and warm, but it can also aid in improving attention for long period of times. If you are in the middle of learning new material for school or work, light a candle that has peppermint properties. Lighting a peppermint candle improves the memory, along with increasing one’s alertness. 

If you feel like you haven’t gotten much rest and need a little boost to help with your concentration then the sweet aroma of peppermint can help with just that. Candles with peppermint ingredients can help stimulate individuals who are performing tasks that require long periods of attention. 

#6 Cinnamon 

The smell of cinnamon may ensue cravings for some home baked goods, but resist the urge! The aroma of cinnamon helps in stimulating the brain heightening attention span. Cinnamon helps stimulates the brain in ways you never imagined.

The naturally sweet aroma provides you with a speedier motor reaction that can help you get any task done in a timely manner. No more worrying about not having enough time in a day! Simply inhale the sweet candle smell of cinnamon and let your mood boost and do the rest. 

#7 Lavender

If you don’t know by now, lavender has been used for years to help with relaxing your mood. It calms and improves your emotional state like no other. It is widely known for its calming qualities and has been used to consume in tea, applied as moisturizers and even put into essential oil.

Lavender scents can also be found in candles. This calming aroma has also been known to elevate moods and improve the emotional state of a person.  We encourage you to light as many candles as your heart desires and inhale after a long day to help calm your nerves and get you the rest your body needs.

#8 Citrus

Citrus is one of those scents that instantly make the room smell fresh and light. Its scent is known to help fight depression and any fatigue emotions you may be experiencing. If you need a pick me up midday while in your office, simply light your citrus smelling candle and let the aroma remove any of those nasty feelings and replace with blissful ones.

Studies have shown that citrus has a positive effect on physiology, mood and behavior. The study from Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concludes, “Effects may alleviate negative emotional stress, which, at least in part, would contribute to the suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity.” 

We encourage smelling this scent during any afternoon slump, as mid-day is the hardest time to get through when your schedule is jammed pack. Not to mention, citrus is the best natural scent cure in decreasing anxiety. Citrus is a powerful aromatherapy that can improve a mood in any situation. 

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There are so many different aromas that have been known to boost one’s mood and productivity. Have you come across a candle that has done that for you? If so, which one? Have you recommended any particular candle scents to your family and friends? Drop a comment below to share some of your favorite candles!

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