7 Best Stores to Shop for Quality Basics

7 Best Stores to Shop for Quality Basics

Some days you just want to put on your favorite pair of jeans and white tee and stop for the day. It seems like finding good quality denim and tops is a challenge these days—or at least it feels that way. It’s not always easy to find the best stores to shop for quality basics. Either the store is too expensive, or the pieces aren’t high quality. However, this list of stores will get you quality basics at great prices!

Are you looking for quality basics? Denim and cotton are the way to go! Cotton fabrics are an extremely popular choice of fabric because the comfort level is incomparable. Check out these seven stores that carry the best quality basics for any occasion.

Cotton On

Cotton On is known for carrying everything with cotton material. It is an Australian retail chain that has been in business since 1991. Finding good quality cotton tops is not as easy as one may think. In many cases, cotton colored tops fade after its first couple of washes.

Cotton On fabric ensures their product to last! Although they have a smaller selection than that of other retail stores, Cotton On can promise they have a vast amount of sizes on offer.


Zara is the go to for purchasing all your quality basics. With trendy jeans for women and comfortable casual tops to pair them with, you cannot go wrong with items from this store. They have jeans with superior fabrics that you can wear on your lounge days, switch up, and wear for a night in the city.

No brand does it quite like them, if you have not purchased a pair of jeans from Zara you definitely should. The details in their fabric do not lie! A comfortable feel with unique details can leave any fashionista in the perfect mood.


Gap is an oldie but goody for all those looking for nice basics! When you see an advertisement for Gap, the billboard usually has women paired in denim and a tee. Whether you like straight, flare, or boyfriend jeans, Gap is the place to shop to get that denim craving fixed.

The brand loves to us ad campaigns to speak for itself! The message is easy going, dependable, and, most of all, a style suitable for every occasion.


If you have not heard about Madewell yet, we can keep that secret between us. This clothing store caters to men, women, and all their fashion hunger. Get your favorite quality basics all in one place: cropped, graphic, or bodysuit!

The Madewell brand is located online, or in department stores such as Nordstrom. They carry quality denim that is premium and flattering for you.


H&M is known for their high fashion and discounted process. If you are looking to stock up on some new basics, H&M is the store for you. They typically have good deals where basic tops are sold in pairs. You will get two for the price of one, which can feel like a real steal when bargain shopping.

V-neck or scoop, whatever your preference, the H&M brand can fulfill all those basic desires.


Levi is definitely one jean company that has been around the block, and then back around the block. They easily make the best jeans, with an affordable price tag attached. In some cases, jeans can feel restricting as if you cannot do much other than walk and sit.

In a pair of Levi jeans, you can practically do anything you want and not feel restricted. You can cook, go camping, play baseball, and even garden in a pair Levis. The brand has been around since the 1800s and it appears they just keep getting better with time.

The best part about the brand is that they make everyone who wears them look great.

Old Navy

Old Navy is perfect for staying up to date with the hottest trends and still feeling comfortable in your own skin. Old Navy is a one stop shop kind of place where the whole family can find something nice. They provide great prices along with cool, easy stylings that you cannot pass up.

In addition to their inexpensive value, Old Navy provides their customers high quality products that flatter any silhouette.

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Just because you are shopping for basics does not mean you have to appear basic. Finding good quality basic garments does not mean they have to have loose threads coming from them as soon as you purchase them.

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