7 Awesome Ways to Use Vaseline

Vaseline, we’ve all heard of it, but where did it come from? More importantly, what is the purpose? It’s very likely that many of you have seen this product before, but have you ever used it? Petroleum Jelly (often called Vaseline because of the retailer), is one of God’s greatest gifts to human skin! You don’t necessarily need the Vaseline brand of petroleum jelly to get its wonderful effects, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! The CGS Team is sharing 7 awesome ways to use Vaseline, in case you didn’t know!

Ways to use Vaseline

Highlighter’s Substitute

On the days you want to go make up free, try substituting your bronzer for Vaseline. Simply massage a dime-size amount onto your cheeks and you will instantly have a highlighting glow.

It’s not only cost-efficient but also serves as a great moisturizer for your skin. This easy make-up trick will have people in awe of how beautiful your natural glow is. The next time you want to try something new for boosting radiance, try using Vaseline.

Defines Lashes

Instead of spending an arm and leg on expensive mascara to make your lashes defined, try opting for Vaseline! Petroleum jelly is used as an ointment and lubricant. To help define your lashes, just rub a little bit of Vaseline on them to make them appear shinier and thicker.

Then use an eyebrow brush to brush your lashes up. Your eyelashes will look more defined and you won’t have to worry about make-up remover!

Stain Remover

If you have a tendency to constantly get make-up on your clothes, then petroleum jelly is for you! Here at CGS, we’ve fallen victim to almost ruining our clothes because of makeup stains. Who knew that Vaseline would come in handy with removing those awful makeup stains from our favorite clothing items?!

Simply take a damp cloth and dip it into some Vaseline, then lightly rub the area where the makeup stain is located. Vaseline will help lift the makeup stain from the article of clothing, making it as good as new!

Cuticle Moisturizer

Have you ever looked down at your cuticles and thought about how dry they look? How could that be? You just got a manicure a couple of days ago! The secret cure to the dryness of your cuticles is Vaseline!

Simply rubbing a small amount around your nail’s cuticle will moisturize the dry skin, making your manicure look fresher than ever. It also seals in moisture for longer periods of time, as well as quickly repairs damage from nail-biting.

Stops Chafing

The irritating feeling of your skin rubbing together can quickly turn into pain, especially in the summer months. Summer season = chafing season. Chafing is caused by friction between two rubbing parts, such as thighs rubbing together when you walk or the heels of your feet rubbing against your shoes.

Vaseline is a total lifesaver when it comes to chafing! Applying a light amount Vaseline to the area where chafing is occurring will help minimize the friction and sweat, as well as relieve the pain.

Chemical Protector

Of course, we know petroleum jelly is good for dry skin and keeping your skin looking flawless but did you know it’s also great for protecting your skin from hair dye and other harsh chemicals?

We’ve all used boxed dye once or twice to color our hair at home, but placing Vaseline on the areas that will be affected can help block harsh chemicals from entering your bloodstream and causing harm to your skin. Regardless of the dye’s color, it’s important to apply the petroleum jelly to your skin before the color application process. Simply rub a bit of Vaseline along your hairline, as well as any other area that may be touched by the dye, to prevent stains and irritation.

Split End Eliminator

Repair and hide the damage caused by split ends by applying a very light amount of Vaseline onto the ends of your hair.  The petroleum jelly will help seal your cuticle and give your ends an even shine, masking the appearance of split ends.  Be careful though! Too much Vaseline can leave your hair looking more greasy than shiny!

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The list goes on and on for all of the things Vaseline can do! Are you a fan of Vaseline or petroleum jelly? If so, what do you like using it for? Leave a comment below to share the ways you use petroleum jelly! We want to hear what works for you!

-The CGS Team



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