6 Ways to Use a Planner to Stay Organized

Having a planner is important because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. A planner is a tool that is useful for guiding day-to-day decisions and also for evaluating progress and changing approaches when moving forward. 

Planners can be effective if you use them properly, and most importantly, regularly. If you use planners accordingly you may find yourself addicted! Check out these six ways to use a planner to stay organized and on track!

#1 Set Time Aside
In order to stay organized, it is important to schedule time in your day to write in your planner. When you set time aside, the likelihood of you actually using the planner will be higher then you think! Additionally, when you set time aside to use the planner, it forces you to check it and hold you accountable of the goals you set. 

Setting time aside ensures you are keeping your planner close by you or in plain sight. It is important to keep it out! A few suggested places are on your desk, or near your bedside. Try not to stuff the planner away, because you might forget about and never use it. 

#2 Don’t Stress About Filling it up

A lot of times when we notice there are a lot of empty blank spaces in the planner, we want to fill it with unnecessary items. Those unnecessary items are just noise and distractions. Allow that empty space in your planer to be reflective of your real life. Just like in your real life you will experience weeks of chaos and days where you have so much availability. 

We encourage you not to feel stress about filling your planner, because that is the main way folks get burned out and lose interest in planning. Being mindful of the type of planner you purchase is important as well, as many planners come with note-taking sections or designs with calendar and lines graphed paper. Choose what is best for your method or planning.

#3 Choose a Regular Size Planner

Do not get a large planner, because the larger the planner the less likely it is that you can bring it with you everywhere. We encourage getting a size you can pop into your bag when on the go, kind of like your wallet and phone! 

Let us be honest with you, the smaller the planner is, the more inclined you will be to carry it around and use it. Hefty, big planners appear nice but are not always as practical. It is important to purchase a planner that draws your interest, as this will help you to want to use it more!

#4 Use a Single Planner for Everything

Do you have two cell phones you use for the same thing? If your answer is no – like most people would say — then why would you get several different planners? It is easier to have one planner keep everything in one place. You avoid having to consult multiple planners and calendars. 

If you have multiple planners and lose the one with bill due dates, you would be out of luck and not know when your bills are due and what arrangements may have been made. To make things simple when using one planner, try color-coding items that are alike with a highlighter. Separating things from personal to business in one planner will help you stay organized like never before.

#5 Make Your Steps Concrete 

When writing in your planner, it is important to make your steps concrete. What that means is to try to avoid writing in half sentences. Write what you have to do out in full sentences. 

An example: instead of just writing, “lunch,” you should write, “Lunch with mom to discuss birthday plans.” Being specific helps you down the road, as you may not know how busy the week will get and could need a concrete reminder of exactly what you should be doing. 

#6 Use The Entire Planner 

Using the entire planner can help you not take any time for granted. If it gives you the opportunity to do a daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown, it is our best advice to say: use it! 

The planner is there to help make your life easier! In most cases, planners even have a section for important contacts. In the event your phone dies or you lose it, utilizing that section of the planner may come in hand.

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Having a planner may seem like a hassle and inconvenience in the beginning, but we can assure you that you won’t be sorry about purchasing one later. Have you ever tried using a planner to help you stay organized? If so, how did you like it? Did it help you meet your goals and stay on track with what you had planned? Like our Facebook page and do not forget to check out our IG and Twitter accounts @citygirlsavings.

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  1. Love this post! I love my planner but have had a love/hate relationship. All of these tips hit key points as to why I often lose touch with using my planner to stay organized. Thanks for the reminders!

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