6 Ways to Style a Classic White Button Down

The classic white button-down shirt has never ever gone out of style. As we have all seen, some trends come and go, but others are recycled throughout the generations. The versatility of the classic white button-down is perpetual. 

Quarantine or not, no wardrobe is complete without a classic white button-down. This clothing essential is a must have in your closet.  Whether you are working, resting, avoiding laundry, or staying home all day, every day calls for the perfect white button-down. 

Check out these six ways you can style your classic white button-down with ease!

#1 Style with a pair of sneakers
Styling your white button-down can be fun! You can still make something that seems to be so plain Jane into something new and cute. Looking for a go-to sporty look, but think you have nothing in your wardrobe? You have come to the right place!  

You can pair this look by matching a white button-down with your favorite new sneakers and look effortlessly chic. Whether the sneaker of choice is Nike, Converse, or another favorite, we promise you won’t be let down by this style look. Keep the look comfortable on the bottom with stretchy leggings to go with your kicks. 

#2 Style with a color

The white button-down is the ideal look for any woman, and many women who are in the corporate world tend to make the classic white button-down a fashion statement. 

You can simply pair your white button-down with clean white denim or another soft hue for an all-over angelic look. Neutral base colors give a sense of freshness to your wardrobe like no other.  

Or, if you want to add a splash of color to your white button-down you can pair it will black leggings and a jean jacket. Dress it up or dress it down, it is totally up to you—this is the perfect combination. 

#3 Style with warm layers

Layers are perfect for the cooler weather.  The classic white button-down featuring an angled collar and not-too-thick material is ideal to fit under a trench coat, or even a pair of quirky overalls. The warm layers will have you warm while looking carelessly well dressed.  

Hands down, the white button-down is a classic. You can keep the look sophisticated with jackets and sweaters for layering. 

If you are interested in something new, you can wear the button-down as the layer. Use the button-down as a simple, light, but stylish cover-up for your favorite bathing suit or tank top. This is the ideal layer for the warmer seasons and weather. 

#4 Style with details
In most cases, the details are what can really bring out a look. Details such as a leather motorcycle jacket, an oversize animal print clutch, or wrap-around ankle studded platforms can make all the difference. 

All in all you can make the classic white button-down shine in a new fashion forward light. Details pull a look together—especially when the pieces appear to be plain when hanging solo on the hanger. 

Perhaps you want to pair your button-down with a skirt. Depending on your style of skirts, this white button-down can be perfectly paired with skirts that have length, midi, at the knee, or mini. We are true fans of how a skirt adds interesting volume to the lines of our straight up-and-down shirt.

#5 Style with denim

Denim is probably one of the easiest articles of clothing you can pair with. Both items are two of our closet’s big guns, and together, they look so fresh and so clean. 

The classic blue and white duo has never failed and can be seen worn throughout generations. It is totally unsurprising—what doesn’t go well with a pair of jeans? It is always fun to resurface your favorite jeans and pair with the button-down you thought you would never wear again. 

#6 Style the button-down itself

Many forget that you can style the button-down itself. Just because it is a button-down doesn’t mean you cannot style it in various other ways. If it’s a little on the warm side you can unbutton and tie up, wearing it as a crop top. 

Or, for a more simple style you can wear your button-down oversized and pair with biker shorts underneath, paired with your favorite slides. We tell you: the possibilities are endless! Whatever vibe you are feeling for that day, the white button-down can match. 

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Tossing out clothes because you feel they may be out of style is one reason we can second-guess ourselves. Now don’t get us wrong—some clothes should be tossed and never returned and never brought back. However, the classic white button-down is clearly the exception to the rule and should be saved. 

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