6 Trendy Coat Styles to Try

Jackets, coats, pullovers, and whatever you like to wear during the chilly days—we are here for all of them. Coats are one of the best accessories, and can really pull an outfit together. Trendy coat styles are always a topic of discussion!

There are endless options for how you can create different trendy coat styles. Now, of course, not all of us love a good coat and definitely prefer the warmer weather over the cold. And if you’re not necessarily ready to start thinking about covering every inch of your body, try to remember what the cooler weather is really all about. 

If you didn’t know: it’s about showing off those cool threads! Check out these six trendy coat styles you can try effortlessly.

#1 Trench Coat
Depending on the fabric you can wear it on its own, even while going to very important meetings or out for coffee and lunch. The trench coat is an iconic style that has never gone out of fashion and to be truthful, we don’t ever see it going out of fashion! 

If you don’t have this coat style in your closet then we highly suggest adding it, as this outwear is a must-have.  Trends may come and go, but trench coats are forever. 

Just think about it—the outerwear staple has been around for decades and it’s never gone out of style. Even better, it looks good on every shape and size.

#2 Denim Jacket 

 There is no secret that there is just something about a denim jacket that makes every outfit feel trendy. Whether you want to do denim and your favorite leggings or match your denim to a leather skirt, this fashionable coat is a must-have. 

Having a denim coat makes the cooler days feel fashionably cool! Levi, which is well known for their women’s outwear, is one of the best brands around. 

Just as with animal print and Canadian tuxedos, you can totally wear denim on denim and look as good as you want to!

#3 Leather Jacket

There are some jackets that will never let you down, and every season brands and designers churn out exciting new takes on classic silhouettes—not to mention we always look forward to them. 

If you are looking to amp up your cold-weather style, look no further than a stylish leather jacket! The best part of wearing leather jackets is that you know you’re going to stay warm in the cooler weather, all while looking fashionably cute! 

The only think that makes you look cooler than a good oversized denim jacket is a perfectly fitted leather biker jacket. This outerwear staple is basically synonymous with every cool badass that has ever existed. 

Leather jackets are always in, so kudos to the fashion angels above, because they have never gone out of style!

#4 Faux Fur

When the weather gets cooler, you can find us getting ready to bring out the entire fall and winter wardrobe. Cold weather gives the green light to wearing a ton of fluff. A faux fur coat is a fluffy blanket you can wear in public and not ever get judged!

We have noticed an influx of more and more brands going fur-free, which makes it much easier to find a fuzzy coat. Wearing faux fur helps you make the fashion statement you’ve been looking for all while not harming animals. 

Also, did we mention that wearing faux fur is a lot cheaper then real fur? If not, then this is just another reason why you should add this coat to your closet!

#5 Puff Coat 

If you feel like leaving the house with your favorite leggings on, you can always grab your go-to puff coat and call it a fit! Not to familiar with the puff coat? Don’t trip: in simple terms, it is like a raincoat—but brands have turned it into fashion. 

These coats can have a pretty bad reputation, as they appear extremely puffy rather than form-fitting. They might not have the same sex appeal as denim or leather, because puffer coats are the jackets you should wear when the temperature drops. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t glam it up! The puff coat is great to pair with either a skirt or some bike shorts. As the puff coat appears top-heavy it is always nice to pair with a slimmer bottom. 

#6 Plush Hoodie

These hoodies are ideal for cooler weather. Think of your favorite blanket wrapped around you all the time while still being cute. 

These hoodies are so soft and we must warn you: if you are not a hugger, you may not want to purchase one. Simply put, one-touch and your friends will not want to let you go. 

No animals are harmed when creating this plush look, which is always nice. The coat is machine washable and is fuzzy for those beach fire nights!

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Having a versatile of option on coats you can select from is the absolute best. These trendy coats are perfect for any season and can be layered with your favorite clothing designer. 

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