6 Things to Never Wear to a Wedding

It’s always important to dress according to the season. That includes summer, spring, fall, winter, and even wedding season! Yes that’s right, weddings typically come in seasons too! Weddings seem to come in bulk, so why not be prepared when it comes. The CGS squad has gathered a few tips to help you prep wedding season, including 6 things you should never wear to a wedding.

Don’t Wear White

There are rules to dressing for a wedding, and the first one is to never wear white. White is for the bride, and we know, over here at CGS, we wouldn’t want anyone to try and upstage the bride by wearing the same color. The bride is supposed to have all eyes on her, and by doing so her white dress should stand out the most. It’s arguable to wear colors such as champagne and ivory, but white is out of the question. If you’re caught wearing white you may get a few not-so-nice glances!

Don’t Dress for the Club

When you choose the outfit you’re going to wear to a wedding, be sure it isn’t something you would be caught wearing to the club. There is a major difference between a club outfit and a wedding outfit! Try not to mingle the two.

A wedding is a sacred occasion. Family and friends are gathered to witness two people in love in providing their blessing to the union. A good rule of thumb when choosing a wedding outfit is if you’re showing cleavage, don’t show too much leg, and vice versa. After all, it’s never fun when you have to keep pulling on your dress because you’re overexposed.

Respect the Religion

It doesn’t matter what religion the two lovebirds are, it’s vital to maintain a sense of respect for their religion. Most traditional weddings take place in a house of worship. Depending on the religion, it’s important to do your research before arriving to the ceremony. Many places of worship prefer arms and shoulders covered. A light sweater or a simple shawl will definitely do the trick of covering those wanted body parts.

Be Mindful of the Dress Code

Many times weddings have a theme, and within the theme guests are supposed to follow the rules and dress code of it. Generally, the invitation will include what type of wedding ceremony it is, giving you a better idea of how you should dress. If it states a black tie event, then a longer hemline is suggested. If there is no dress code indicated, then you can’t go wrong with doing your own thing, in a tasteful manner of course.  Remember being slightly over dressed at a wedding is always better than being under-dressed.

No Denim

For goodness sake, stay away from the denim. Denim is a major no-no in what not to wear to a wedding.  Weddings are usually never casual and jeans scream casual. If the event is a casual outdoor wedding, you should still stay clear from denim. Instead, opt out for a sundress or patterned jumpsuit.

Stay in Your Lane

Don’t try to upstage the bride. Although the ladies here at CGS know our readers would never do anything like that, it’s important to let the bride have the spotlight. When in doubt of what you should wear, think tasteful, classy, and elegant. By default, most weddings are always semi-formal so you don’t have to worry too much! Resorting to a cocktail dress as a go-to outfit for a wedding is always a safe bet.

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Feeling comfortable in whatever you wear to a wedding is great, just be sure to pay your respects to the bride and groom’s wishes. You wouldn’t want anyone to come crazy to your wedding, so don’t go crazy looking to anyone else’s. Have you been to a wedding recently? Was there anyone dressed out of place? We take joy in hearing from our readers, so leave a comment below to share your thoughts on this article and your experiences with dressing up for a wedding!

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