6 Spices That Come with Health Boosts

We all know that spices can help add flavor to our meals, but do we know what they actually are? Spices are the dried form of various seeds, roots, barks, vegetables, and other plant substances. Spices are primarily used to add color, flavor and preserving power to food. There are spices that come with health boosts, too!

With that being said, it’s pretty clear that spices can offer some serious health boosts! In fact, the health benefits you can get by simply incorporating spices into your meals may blow your mind. Spices can help you recover from sickness, aid in weight loss, keep your skin healthy, prevent cancer, and so much more!

The CGS Team is sharing 6 spices that come with health boosts, so you can start upping your spice knowledge and reaping the benefits they offer. There are hundreds of spices out there, but at least this list gives you a starting point.


Cumin seeds offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. They are packed with perks that include increased brain power, improved eye sight, building of strong bones, and the ability to lower blood pressure. Add them to veggies before cooking to take in the flavor.

Cayenne Pepper

If you like spicy foods and flavors, then cayenne pepper is right up your alley! Not only does cayenne pepper pack a spicy punch, it helps support weight loss. One study found that adding 1 gram of red pepper to meals reduced appetite and increased fat burning in people who did not regularly eat peppers. Sign us up!


More than just a spice added to Italian dishes, oregano helps keep you healthy. Thanks to its antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer and antibiotic properties, oregano oil is commonly used in medicine. It helps treat coughing, fever, congestion and body aches.

Black Pepper

According to Organic Facts, “black pepper is important due to its ability to reduce inflammation and excess gas, optimize gastrointestinal action, regulate enzymatic reactions, control heart rate and blood pressure, and prevent cancer due to its antioxidant capabilities.” Thankfully, it’s one of the most popular spices in the world.


With a lemony-pine flavor, rosemary is the perfect spice to add on chicken! It can also serve as a powerful nasal contestant. If you have allergies, give rosemary a try. It’s been proven to reduce the number of immune cells in nasal mucus.


The perfect gluten-free spice, arrowroot is a starchy herb with baking abilities similar to cornstarch. It can be very soothing on the gut and helps combat IBS. If your bowels aren’t moving the way they should, add some arrowroot to your next batch of biscuits!

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Who knew that spices came with so many benefits? They are the perfect cooking ingredient and don’t require much effort! Start incorporating herbs and spices into your meals so your body can enjoy the health boosts. Are there any spices you enjoy? What herbs do you love to cook with? Share your favorite spices in the comments section below.

-The CGS Team



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