6 Signs Your Hormones are Out of Whack

Typically, when our bodies are in pain, there is something to show for it. However, when our bodies, and specifically our hormones, seem to be out of whack and the issue is internal, it could be a lot harder to pinpoint. In many cases, when we seem more restless than usual, it can usually relate to our hormones being off. Check out these six signs your hormones may be out of whack.

You’re going to the bathroom more

Yes, it’s a known fact the liquids you drink, the more often you’ll have to use the restroom. However, keep note that if you aren’t drinking extra fluids and you’re going to the bathroom more frequently, it could be a sign of hormones being imbalanced.

Your kidneys are working overtime to expel the excess sugar, making you have to tinkle more often. When you’re using the restroom more than normal it could also mean your pancreas is not functioning properly. Make an appointment with your doctor to get some lab tests done to check your vitals, blood count, and hormone balance.

Eyes are bigger

It may not be something you notice every day, but it’s something that can be detected by the naked eye. If you’re eyes are slightly larger than normal, do not hesitate to see your primary care physician. In one instance, your eyes can appear larger because your eyelids are elevated, since tissues behind the eye are inflamed.

When eyes are bigger it may be a sign of the most common form of hyperthyroidism, the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease. It’s important to not get defensive if someone makes a comment about your appearance, instead make a mental note and see if your eye size changes.

You forget things

We all know how difficult it can be to remember almost everything, especially when it’s during a busy work week. Make a grocery list, attend your favorite cycle class, and don’t forget to RSVP to your friend’s birthday party! Of course, things we need to do can slip our mind, but if you’re getting brain fog more than normal it could be due to your hormones being out of whack.

According to medical studies, brain fog is also a well-known symptom of hypothyroidism, which is a  short-term memory loss that can also be a warning sign for your hormones not being great. Low thyroid hormone levels control the brain’s metabolism—and slower brain function affects your ability to pay attention in the moment and make memories.

Hair stops growing

Hair not growing could be a variety of things. Diet, genetics, and even your hormones being out of whack. It’s important to tackle hair loss step by step. Rule out things so you can determine what is the main factor for why your hair isn’t flourishing like it should.

Sometimes the texture of our hair can give us all the information we need. If your hair feels brittle and coarse, it could be because your hormones are imbalanced. Thinner hair anywhere on your body could be a sign of hypothyroidism.

Getting a lot of yeast infections

If you are a person who is considered more on the healthy side and notice you’re getting a lot more yeast infections, it can be a major sign that your hormones are off. Experiencing high levels of yeast infections may be related to diabetes, which messes with your levels of the hormone insulin. A yeast infection is a fungal infection typically on the skin or mucous membranes caused by candida.

Although there are several factors that can cause yeast infections, one factor in particular is the imbalance of hormones near your menstrual cycle. Mild yeast infections can go away on their own, but if you notice you aren’t feeling better, treatments are available at your nearest drug store. If infections are not treated properly, the chances of it returning are higher than normal, so be sure to treat as directed.

Dry skin

Dry skin can be an easy indicator that your hormones are out of whack. When you’re producing less of the thyroid hormone, it slows down your skin’s metabolism. It’s important to stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized to rule out those reasons.

If you notice your skin begins to flake and not taking to the moisturizer when applied, it can be a sign of your hormones needing to be checked. When your skin is drier than usual, your thyroid glands aren’t producing enough thyroid hormones for your body.


Although hormones aren’t seen by the naked eye, they do exist! It’s important to check your hormones regularly to ensure the rest of your body can function as normal. If you have noticed one or more of these signs have been bothering you lately, now you may know why!

Have you ever noticed these signs before? If so, what advice would you give someone to keep their hormones in check? Check us out on our Instagram and Twitter accounts! Also, be sure to stay connected with us via Facebook by commenting and liking our CGS page.

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