6 Money-Saving Hacks to Try Right Now

When it comes to saving money, there are ways to make the task a little easier on yourself. There’s no beating automatic savings transfers, and the other savings hacks you can adopt will add to your success. 

I’m all about maximum efficiency, especially when it comes to money-saving, investing, debt payoff…you name it! I’m sharing 6 money-saving hacks you can try right now to start seeing your savings increase. 

#1 Let Digit do the work

One of the best money-saving hacks I can recommend is Digit. I love it so much that I wrote an article about it called How to Use Digit to Reach Your Money Goals! When I say that Digit is a powerful tool for saving money, I am not kidding. If you’re new to the Digit party, let me welcome you with open arms!

Digit is an app that connects to your primary checking account. It will pull out small amounts of money from your checking account and transfer them to your Digit savings account, based on your income and spending patterns. The amounts are small enough that you won’t miss them, but large enough to add up quickly! The app leverages an algorithm to make sure it doesn’t take too much from your account at any one time. 

One of my favorite perks with Digit is that you can easily set up multiple savings goals! This makes saving money almost effortless. If you’re curious and want to give Digit a try, sign up with my link and get a free $5!

#2 Collect your spare change

This money-saving hack sounds basic, but it really does add up—especially if you make it fun! Make a point of collecting spare change, and you’ll be shocked by how fast it piles up. You can put all your spare change in a jar and cash it in when it’s full. You could also invest in a trendy piggy bank!

Even if you don’t use cash often, you’ll still wind up with spare change now and then. It adds up quickly when you’re paying attention to it!

#3 Make lists for everything

Grocery lists are a must, of course, but you can make lists for pretty much anything! Whenever my clients find themselves wanting to spend money, I tell them to put the things they want to buy on a list. From there, when they do buy something (or decide they don’t really need it), they can cross it off. Just like at the grocery store, having a list will keep you on track. 

Whether you’re starting a DIY home project, buying gifts for the holidays, or redecorating a room in your home, make a list of everything you need. Creating a list forces you to think about what’s important and what’s not. You can cross items off if you know they don’t add value or aren’t really necessary. 

Then, when it’s time to spend, refer to your list instead of going in with only a vague idea of what you need. Going in without a list usually results in two things: overspending on stuff you didn’t actually need, and having to make another trip because of something you forgot!

#4 Order groceries ahead of time

The grocery list is essential, but it can only take you so far. We’ve all gone into the grocery store with a list in hand and the best of intentions in mind, only to find ourselves grabbing something that wasn’t on the list because it looked good in the display!

Instead of risking overspending in the grocery store, order your groceries ahead of time for curbside pickup. This allows you to stick to your budget limit for grocery shopping. Plus, it’s often easier to find and use coupons online, and you get to skip the in-store process!

#5 Request interest rate reductions

Did you know you can request a lower interest rate for your debts? If you have a good payment history, your chances of getting an interest rate reduction are much higher. Having your interest rate cut even by a few percentage points will result in huge savings!

Call your creditors and ask if they can work with you on the interest rate. Let them know you’re prioritizing your debt repayment and would appreciate any help they can provide. They still might say no, but they’ll never say yes unless you ask!

#6 Ask for “good customer “discounts

Do you always pay your cable bill on time? Are you a long-time, no-hassle customer for your cell phone service provider? If you’re nodding your head yes to these questions, then it’s time to ask for what you deserve: a good customer discount!

Good customer discounts aren’t always publicly shared or available, but as with interest rate reductions, you can’t get what you don’t ask for. 

If there’s the potential to save money on a bill you will pay anyway, then it doesn’t hurt to ask! Bring examples of your good customer history to the conversation, and ask if there’s anything they can do to work with you on the bill amount. Even a temporary or one-time discount will free up money for your savings!

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Saving money doesn’t have to be basic or boring! Get creative with all of the different ways you can save money and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up. When you want to save more, these money-saving hacks can help. 

Do you have any money-saving hacks to share? What ways do you like to save more money? Share your tips and tricks in the Comments section below!

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