6 Healthy Habits that Promote Body Love

Has there ever been a time where we’ve seen so many people change their face and bodies? Butt implants, BBLs, face fillers, lip fillers…the list goes on and on. While I would never put a person down for wanting to enhance themselves, I think it’s important that we have strong body love before anything else. Otherwise, all the cosmetic changes in the world won’t make us happy.

We have to look inward for that happiness. We have to love and appreciate the face and body we have – the life we have! It may not happen overnight, but there are small changes that can be done daily to help you get there. Check out 6 healthy habits that promote body love and start loving on yourself a little more today!

6 Healthy Habits that Promote Body Love

#1 Monitoring what goes into your body

Have you heard the saying “your body is a temple?” Well, we need to start treating our bodies like temples. We need to monitor what goes into the temple (AKA our bodies). Nourishing your body with healthy, natural, and organic foods will allow your body to feel its best. When you feel good, you look good. 

I’m not saying that you must eat healthy 100% of the time, but you do need to monitor and pay attention to what enters your body. To love your body is to protect your body. Things like processed foods, bioengineered ingredients and unhealthy amounts of sugar do much more harm than good.

#2 Speaking kindly to yourself

Your self-talk can be extremely powerful. If you’re constantly putting yourself down with the way you think and speak about yourself, you may not have much love for your body. Instead, start speaking kind words to yourself. Compliment your own features. Thank your body for allowing you to stand up or get a workout in.

I’ll end with this – if you don’t love your own body, how can you expect someone else to? Speak kindly to yourself and love the body you have, and others will too.

#3 Moving your body regularly

As much as I dread starting a workout (and yes, I’m working on that), I ALWAYS feel amazing after the workout. Moving your body regularly is such a positive form of self-love. This doesn’t have to be a grueling session in the gym either! Take a hike. Try a Pilates class. Ride a bike. There are so many options available to you to help you move your body. Get that movement in on a regular basis and you’ll love and appreciate what your body does for you.

#4 Unfollowing social media accounts that make you feel bad
There’s nothing wrong with identifying the type of body shape or habits you want and following people for encouragement. Just make sure that encouragement doesn’t turn to envy or disappointment with yourself. It’s a fine line, so be conscious! Whoever you follow on social media, make sure they are motivating and encouraging you to be better.

Any accounts that make you feel envious or self-conscious, let them go and click “unfollow”. The goal is to love your body, so anything that takes away from that needs to go!

#5 Prioritizing self-care 

What does self-care look like to you? Getting regular manicures? Booking monthly massages? Staying consistent with physical therapy? Self-care is going to look different for everyone, but once you’ve identified it for yourself, make it a priority. Put the self-care tasks in your calendar and budget for them! You’ll show your body love by taking care of it! Check out 8 Simple Self-Care Habits to Start Now for some ideas.

#6 Appreciating the skin you’re in

You only have this one physical body. You only have this one physical life. Appreciate it. You are not here by mistake. Love this life you were blessed with, and that includes your body too. Practice gratitude for your life, your health, and your body on a daily basis. This is one of the best forms of self-love you can give to yourself.

I make it a point to start each day with the phrase: “Thank you God for letting me see another day”. What a blessing it is to wake up. Appreciate this life you have. If something about your life or your body makes you unhappy, change it. It’s okay to work to improve, but do it because you love yourself and want to be the best version of YOU!

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Life is so precious and time goes so quickly. We shouldn’t spend our days not having love for our own body. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t work to be healthy or stop setting body goals. I’m saying we need to love and appreciate our bodies, and work to make sure we’re happy and healthy – inside and out!

How can you love on yourself a little more today? What ways do you plan to promote body love for yourself and others? Share your thoughts and answers in the Comments section below!

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