6 Habits of Unsuccessful People

6 Habits of Unsuccessful People

Nowadays, it seems quite simple to spot a successful person out from the crowd. But the real test is determining the unsuccessful from the bunch! You may think that physical appearance has something to do with determining unsuccessful people, but you know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”!

However, a person who is unsuccessful may not have traits that derive from the psychical, in fact they may look just like their successful counterpart. Check out these 6 habits that can help you separate the two groups once and for all.

Always Late

A person who is always late doesn’t respect you or your time. It’s unprofessional to be late and totally unacceptable in the professional world. This is just one habit of what an unsuccessful person will look like. Of course, things happen which can cause you to run late here and there, but to make a habit of being late is careless. When you show up late it tells the other party that you are unreliable!

Holds Grudges

An unsuccessful (and unhappy) person will hold a grudge against someone over something that was done years ago. Yes, we don’t live in a perfect world where everyone is happy and has never felt pain, but to linger onto a grudge only means you’re focused on the wrong things.

Holding a grudge is a habit of an unsuccessful person because they are choosing to put their time and energy into something already dead. Keeping a grudge will eventually lead to negative health effects which could lead to more problems. It’s totally fine to dislike someone, but it’s certainly never okay to put all your energy into hating them over something they could possibly have no idea about.

Tells Lies

Liar, liar pants on fire! A person who tells lies every chance they get is unsuccessful. It’s pretty simple, tell the truth and be honest as often as you can. A successful person is someone who is genuine. If you can’t be trusted because no one believes you, then eventually no one will want to work with you. Those who lie usually cheat and scheme their way to the top, and those people never stay at the top.


Procrastinating can make a sane person lose their mind! When you tend to constantly put things on the back burner it may never get done. Having an indecisive mind will only lead you to waste your time and money on things that don’t matter. An unsuccessful person will say they will always get to it because it’s important, but never actually do get to whatever task they needed to. Everything holds some importance when it comes to your business or quality of life.

Burn Bridges

There is an unspoken rule which is to never burn bridges…EVER! Burning bridges is like saying so long to the relationships that have been built. In life and career, it’s vital to keep the relationships you have unless the person is toxic. Unsuccessful people constantly burn bridges with their coworkers, family members, and friends. As you climb up your career ladder, it’s important not to alienate yourself with people you come in contact with.

Bad Body Language

Body language is a universal language that is spoken more often than you think. One of the key habits an unsuccessful person has is bad body language. Bad body language could also be known as the resting b**ch face. Be conscious of the people who appear to always be slumped over and closed off. Body language makes a big difference in how people interact with others. Before you can even say hello, a person is already analyzing your body vocabulary.

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Unsuccessful doesn’t just mean your finances are low, it can also mean you’re not professional. Have you ever experienced someone who’s unsuccessful in the work place? If so, how do you manage to deal with them? Have you fallen into any of the habits listed above? How did you get yourself on the right track? Share your personal experiences with unsuccessful habits by posting a comment below!

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