6 Fall Décor Ideas for Your Workspace

6 Fall Décor Ideas for Your Workspace

The leaves are changing colors and the weather is getting cooler, so why not match your work vibe to the season? What better place to start decorating your office space for fall than your very own desk? Fall décor ideas on deck!

Push aside your boring nameplate, your everyday pencil holder, and your summer-smelling candles. There are tons of different types of decorations you can use to help bring your desk to life for the fall season.

If you don’t know where to start, the City Girl Savings team is here to help you jazz up your office space with fun fall décor. Check out 6 fall décor ideas for your workspace!

#1 Desk Size Pieces

Choose some small scarecrows, pumpkins, or witch figurines—they’ll be a hit with your coworkers! These desk size pieces can be found at most stores or bought direct from crafters as one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

You can also get everyone in the fall spirit by filling a small candy dish with sweet treats. Keep it on your desk, put it on a table in a meeting room, or leave one in the lobby for customers!

#2 Plant Holder

Showcase your spooky side—and your green thumb—with a Halloween-themed plant holder. A skull is a great option for an air plant. Or you could turn your office into a cozy camping scene with a s’mores or pumpkin scented candle.

While we love a good fall scent, growing live plants on your desk can provide you with better air quality while you work and reduce your stress levels! Both of those pay off when you’re in a hectic work environment or always have a lot to get done.

Another simple way to incorporate a plant holder is to sprinkle some leaves around it, or hang a string of leaves over the side of your desk! Leaves are a great fall accessory and will highlight your plant and other decorations.

#3 Outdoorsy Artwork

Another good spot to consider when looking for fall décor is your office walls. There are plenty of things to hang up that will transform your workspace into an autumnal wonderland!

Choosing some outdoorsy artwork will let you stare at nature during those times when you need a mental break from work.

You could also opt for a fall-themed wreath! A wreath will immediately change the way your space looks, and there are plenty of DIY wreaths that will look perfect on your office wall.

#4 Pencil Holder

Swap out your basic black pencil holder for something a little more festive. Grab sparkly gold or orange Mason jar, then fill it up with your pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies.

If you decide to do a DIY Mason jar, be sure to remove any labels and clean the jar thoroughly. Choose a paint or spray paint that works well with glass, and pick some festive fall colors.

Put your new pencil holder next to your desk scarecrow and you’ll officially be in Halloween queen mode!

#5 Decorative Paper Clips

Paper clips are a useful tool for workplace organization—but the days of boring black and silver paper clips are gone!

Pick out some fall-colored festive paper clips for your next meeting agenda and brighten everyone’s day. You can find paper clips for all seasons at your nearest Staples or online.

#6 Candles

Candles are a perfect year-round item, and will fit perfectly with your fall décor (as long as you can have candles in the office, of course!). If you’re working from home, you should be all set.

Even if you can’t light the candle, however, candles can make beautiful decorations. Grab candle holders in dark colors like mossy green, maroon, or orange and pair them with your autumn-scented candles for a stylish look.

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Fall is such a magical time of the year, and decorations for fall can be just as fun! How do you like to decorate your space during the fall season?

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