5 Ways to Love On Yourself Today

If you don’t love on yourself, then who the heck will?! No, seriously self-love is one of the most important forms of appreciation you can give yourself. We hear it day in and day out, in every song, so why not start believing it and walking in it. Practicing self-love should not come as a surprise.

Granted, we live in a world where social media standards seem unrealistic, and the beauty norms are as fake as plastic utensils. At times it can truly feel like society picks apart women’s appearances and pits us against each other in a way our male counterparts have never experienced.

Just know you are not alone, and the City Girl Savings tribe is here to help ease any unwanted blows. Check out these five ways you can love on yourself today.  

#1 Forgive Yourself 
We are probably one of our hardest critics and to make matters worse, we’re harder on ourselves over the smallest (and sometimes dumbest) things. We can beat ourselves up over forgetting our lunch at home, forcing us to spend…or worst-case scenario: skip lunch altogether. That one incident will linger in our minds for the entire day, and us being the species we are, we beat ourselves up over it because “we don’t have room for mistakes.”

I say forgive yourself! Breathe in forgiveness and exhale negativity. Life is too short to be worrying over the things that aren’t in your control. Time is something you can’t get back, so forgive yourself for anything that doesn’t serve you in this present time. Mistakes will happen, but you will live and learn. Remember when you forgive yourself, you’re allowing yourself to be human and grow. Don’t take yourself too seriously! 

#2 Treat Yourself 

Treating yourself is vital to a healthy, happy life. Of course, stay within budget and don’t ball out too crazy, but every now and then treating yourself with something nice is good for your mental health. When you treat yourself nice, it can be a love language that you didn’t know you needed. 

Sometimes after a long day of work, treating yourself to a glass of wine or something you have been eyeing is perfectly fine. If you haven’t incorporated treating yourself, you should start doing it more regularly. Treating yourself doesn’t necessarily mean doing something materialistic. In fact, there are a few ways women can practice self-care for free!

#3 Speak Life
The tongue holds life and death, so why would you only speak negativity on yourself?! Instead, speak positivity and life over you. Words hold power, so be mindful of how you use them in your life, especially when speaking about yourself. Speaking goodness over yourself is certainly one way you can love on yourself today and every day moving forward.

Lack of self-love or constant self-judgment leads to a life of sadness and unworthiness. All of which you are not! So, turn the frown upside down and speak nothing less than the best for you. If you don’t speak about yourself in a high manner, then who else will?! Today is the day love will be spoken over you and into your life because you are the captain in charge. 

#4 Say No

Two simple letters and one simple pronunciation that goes a very long way. The word “no” itself is a full complete sentence. When you begin to advocate for yourself and say no to the things that you don’t want to do, you will feel a complete difference, in a positive way.

Stop feeling pressured to be a people pleaser. People pleasers are people that put their emotions second to others – that is no longer you. Begin setting your boundaries and telling people “No” when you don’t feel like doing something. The more you begin to say no, the more self-love and respect you will experience in your life.  

#5 Keep Your Promises

Love is about trust and trust begins with keeping your promises to yourself. Loving on yourself means keeping your word and not letting outside noises influence your decisions. Whether the commitment is to yourself or to someone else, making a promise is a commitment that you will keep your word. It’s a commitment that reinforces trust.

If you told yourself, you were going to eat healthy, then eat that healthy meal and don’t second guess yourself. Be there person who does what they say they will do. Keeping your promises to yourself helps in building your character as well as self-dependency.

If you can’t trust yourself then how do you expect others to? If you break a promise to yourself, don’t let it linger. Remember to forgive and try again another day. Love is patience, love is kind, but most importantly, the love you express to yourself is one of a kind. 

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There are so many different ways you can love on yourself. Hopefully this list can get you started! What are some ways you love on yourself? How often do you find yourself prioritizing self-care? We adore hearing from members of the community so drop a line in the comments via our Instagram @citygirlsavings. Don’t forget to tune in to our City Girl Savings podcast featuring our very own Founder/CEO Raya Reaves as she covers topics to help keep your finances in order. 

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