5 Ways to Get Your Closet Ready for the New Year

As the New Year approaches, why not toss out the oldies and make room for the newbies?! Many people take this particular time out to figure out their new year’s resolution, but don’t forget about your closet! Set aside time to organize what matters most in your home – your closet. Yes, I said closet! You can get your closet ready for the new year, just like you’d get your money, health or career ready!

Your closet may be the one place in your home that you consider your sanctuary. It’s the place that screams you and all of your beautiful personality. Get your closet organized and set up for the new year. Check out these five ways you can get your closet all the way together just in time for the new year.

Right to Left

With the New Year comes new beginnings and a fresh new start to get you feeling right. An organized closet makes you feel so much better than the alternative Start from one end of your closet, working your way from clothing to shoes, handbags, and jewelry. When you have a concise idea of where you want to start, you are less likely to get discouraged and confused. 

Starting in one area of your closet and working towards the opposite side will encourage you to finish what you started. Similar to anything else you do in life, it’s important to know where you started so you know the progress you’ve made. If you start in the middle of your closet you may get the feeling of not having accomplished nothing (which is a lie)! So, start right to left, and focus on one category at a time. 

Make Piles

As you go through your closet, makes specific piles of things you want to keep, things you want to toss, and things you aren’t sure of. When you make piles, it will help you get a clear idea of how much space you are working with in your closet. Seeing the space you have available will make it easier to get rid of more things. Most times, we find ourselves hoarding and not wanting to toss anything because of the attachment we have with the article of clothing.

When you make your piles, it’s easier on the eye to see what it is you want to keep and what needs to get tossed. You can also add additional piles and make them whatever you see fit, perhaps a pile to give to family members and Goodwill or a pile that needs to go to a tailor because of everyday wear. Separating your closet into sections makes it easier for you to organize

Get Creative with the Help of Pinterest

If you haven’t downloaded the amazing Pinterest app – then I highly encourage you to do just that. Pinterest is a social media web and mobile application company. It operates a software system designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos.

Take a moment to curate images that inspire your personal style. If you have known about Pinterest and have not found anything to suit your creative needs, I assure you that sometimes keeping things simple can always make a huge difference. Depending on the size of your closet you can modestly organize your shoe area and see a dramatic result! It is the smallest things that can make a great impact. Pinterest will give you all kinds of ideas!

Fix the things you love

A lot of times, we find that items are missing buttons or zippers and we think it’s easier to toss the item than to repair it. Or, worse, we keep it and never get around to fixing it, making it useless. Assess what you have and see if anything can be refreshed or revived with a quick trip to the tailor.

If the item is not salvageable, I strongly consider tossing it to make space for items that are in better condition. It’s never easy to say farewell to items that you have grown close to, but something better is never too far away. Fixing items are typically more affordable than buying new items altogether. In the event that you are able to fix the item, consider yourself one of the lucky ones!

Bring in the new

It is officially time to bring in the new items now that you have organized your closet! Woo hoo!  After tossing the pieces that no longer serve your fashion needs, make a list of what you’re missing. I’d recommend having a list of must haves (those necessity items) and a list of nice-to-haves (those want items).

Remember, it’s not necessary to break the bank! It is perfectly fine to have tossed items that were no longer manageable and replace them with something new at a later date. You don’t have to rush to buy new things, but knowing what you’ll need to get allows you to always keep an eye out.

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If these five easy affordable solutions don’t get you excited for the New Year, then we don’t know what to tell you! Have you ever done any of the tips above to organize your closet? If so, which tip is your favorite?! Do you have any tips you can share? Post a comment below to share!

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