5 Ways to Cut Your Car Costs

According to AAA (aka Triple A), costs for your car including insurance, gas and regular maintenance run up to about $8,700 a year! Add that monthly amount (about $725) to a hefty car payment and you’re easily shelling out $10,000 on your car every year. After a house, a car is one of the largest purchases most consumers make. There just has to be a way to cut your car costs!

Unless you are in a city where public transportation runs everything (you lucky New Yorkers), you need to be mindful of how you treat your car. The CGS Team is sharing a few tips to help you cut your car costs so you can put that money towards something else!

Cut Your Fuel Costs

Speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking are the quickest ways to suck up your gas. Aggressive driving like the actions listed above can decrease your car’s gas mileage up to 30% at highway speed and 5% around town.  By being a cautious driver, you can save yourself some major bucks on gas.

Another way to save on gas is to do your research! There are plenty of apps available to help you find the lowest gas around. We are particularly fond of GasBuddy. This app allows you to search by the lowest price of gas at stations in your area.  Don’t drive out of your way to save (otherwise you may be spending more gas than you think), but do research lower-cost stations on your commute.

Cut Your Insurance Costs

The average U.S. driver spends about $1,100 a year on car insurance.  Did you know many insurers now offer a discount if you install a device in your car that monitors your driving? Sure, sounds like a pain, but if you are as good of a driver as you think, why not take advantage? Progressive gives discounts up to 30% for drivers who don’t display questionable driving habits.  Also, check out 4 Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium for a few other tips!

Cut Your Maintenance Costs

It may seem like a waste of money to get oil changes regularly (every 5,000 miles for new cars or 3,000 miles for older cars), but it can save you a lot in other maintenance costs for failing to stay on top of it. Popular dealerships like Firestone and Lamb’s often have coupons online for prospective clients. Before you head out to get an oil change, take a glance at your service station’s websites to check for specials.

You can also cut the cost of maintenance by doing some of the dirty work yourself. Replacing windshield wipers, fuses and lights by yourself is fairly simple. Check out CarCareKiosk for some how-to videos. By replacing your own wipers, you can save up to $140 a year, depending on how often you have that service done.


You don’t have to just accept the costs that come with owning a car, you can do something about it (to an extent at least)! Any extra cash back in your pocket can help, so start being mindful of where your dollars go when it comes to your vehicle! What are some ways you cut your car costs down? Did you shop around for the best insurance? Leave a comment below to share your auto money-saving tips!

-The CGS Team



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  1. My biggest car cost is insurance! Do any of you have experience or tips from shopping around/lowering your insurance? @missysharpe @cpjohnston @mandaroo7 @dgranger92 @breanna-tarkington @autumn-taylor @lizhood78 @ang96r

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