5 Surprising Ways You Burn Calories Throughout the Day

From walking the dog, to brushing our teeth in the morning. Things that we never think twice about can help us burn calories daily. You do not have to run for miles or spend hours watching your favorite workout videos to burn calories. In fact, you’ll be as shocked as I was to learn all of the ways people burn calories throughout the day. Check out five surprising ways you can burn calories throughout the day.

Getting affectionate
Getting some tender love and care in with your significant other can turn into a calorie burning session. Making out can burn as much as 470 calories in an hour. The reason why we are able to burn calories while getting affectionate is that our bodies naturally go into a mood of anticipation of what is going to happen next.

Kissing intensely will increase our heart rate and increase the rate at which our bodies burn calories. Taking things to the next level, sex itself, if filled with position changing and orgasms for both parties, can burn up to approximately 400 calories in an hour.


Cleaning the house is the ultimate calorie burner that burns more than you know! An hour of mopping burns 170 calories alone — and doing a bit of redecorating and furniture moving blasts away an additional 340 calories per hour. That sweat you were experiencing was not because you were annoyed your home got clutter. It was because you were really putting in work!

Calories are burned quicker when carrying your groceries up the stairs with a heavier load. If you’re anything like me, and you hate making a second run for groceries then calories burned here will be a breeze.


A night out with some friends, singing to your favorite tunes is definitely the way to go for extra calorie loss. Karaoke is a fun way to let loose and burn those unwanted calories. You can burn over a hundred calories an hour hitting the stage.

From moving to using your windpipes to belt out your favorite artists’ song, karaoke is the route to go to shed some calories throughout the day. If you are not shy, you might even get a crowd to encourage you sing more than you want. It can fun because you can do it solo or with a big group!

Car washing
If your car is in need of a deep cleaning, I suggest you manually wash your car instead of taking it somewhere. Washing your vehicle can burn as much as 250 calories an hour. To get an even better workout, you can add waxing your car to the list.

Your car will be clean and shiny, while your arms and legs are toning up. Waxing does more than just keep your hood nice and shiny; it also burns as much as 325 calories per hour. Save money and burn calories? Sign me up!


Yes, you read it right, dreaming can help you burn calories. When you enter REM sleep, which is, also known as rapid eye movement, you are burning calories. When in that realm of sleep, our brain is hyperactive, characterized by the fact that you are dreaming vividly.

As fascinating at it sounds, the brain will constantly use up glucose, breaking down carbs in your body to get the delicious energy it needs to keep the dream going. Studies show that we are able to burn more calories in REM sleep than when staying awake and being restless for the same period of time — up to three times as much. That being said, make sure you get as much rest as possible!

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 Getting calorie-burning movement doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to the gym. There are regular activities we do daily that help us burn calories. As long as you are not being a couch potato who scrolls through their social media feed, you’ll be able to burn more calories!

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