5 Easy Ways to Burn Calories

Tis the season to burn calories! Getting in shape and working out has so many perks for your body and mind. One advantage of getting in shape is being healthier and having the opportunity to live a longer life. Summer is fast approaching, so why not get a kick-start on burning those extra-unwanted calories. The CGS Team has found some quick and easy ways to help you burn calories even if you live a busy lifestyle.

Grocery Shopping

Staying healthy is easier than you think. Sometimes running to the gym after a long day can seem impossible. Daily routines you take for granted, like grocery shopping can help you burn the calories. A simple task yes, but who would have thought that running to the super market for dinner could help burn calories. By pushing a cart for 30 minutes or more, you can give your body the cardio it needs to burn those unwanted calories. This everyday task will have you burning calories without any additional effort!

Hanging with Friends

A night out with the girls can turn into a quick work out session before you know it! Turn your favorite beats on and jam out with friends with the latest dance moves or routines. Hit the hottest club in your town and let loose on the dance floor! Dancing is a great form of cardio and can be done practically anywhere, which makes this quick burning calorie tip great! Something so fun will totally have your mind off of burning calories and more on jamming to the songs with your girls.

Burning Calories on the Job

Whether you sit behind a computer all day or you’re constantly moving, believe it or not you’re burning calories. When you get up to get papers from the printer, take a walk around the office, or simply move your legs, you are burning calories. In fact, tapping your toes in 30-second increments every minute will get your heartbeat going, which will help increase calorie burning.

Try getting up and walking around at least once an hour. Enough movement will get you closer to your calorie burn goal. Also, the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn when you are sitting. Never skip squats when you hit the gym!

Eating Right

What you put into your body will affect how many calories you can burn. The greasier the food, the more it takes your body to flush it out of your system. However, if you must eat something that seems to be on the heavier side, try eating it in moderation that way you’ll still be able to burn most of the calorie intake and still enjoy good food. Snack on fruits and granola bars throughout the day to help you avoid overeating and fight that hunger crave. The healthier the food you intake, the quicker your body will burn it.

Follow an Eating Regimen

The thought of burning calories becomes overwhelming when you put too much energy into it. Give yourself a simple eating regimen to follow, and you will begin to see results quicker than you thought. Making sure you eat small meals and snacks every 2 hours will help you avoid overeating and keep your metabolism at its highest.

Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks. Lastly, always eat breakfast even if it’s an energy bar, skipping the most important meal of the day slows your metabolism, eventually increasing body weight.


No matter the time of day, or where you are, these quick and easy calorie burning tips will whip you into a healthier lifestyle in no time. It’s never too late to begin burning calories. Grab a friend or two and try these 5 easy calorie-burning tips and tell us how you like it. Do you have any calorie-burning tips that you would like to share? Comment below and let’s chat!

-The CGS Team



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