5 Signs You’re Ready for a Promotion

You manage your time wisely at the office. You finish all of your projects and responsibilities on time and to the best of your abilities. You maximize any downtime at the office to learn and grow. You are a super star employee and you’re ready to grow in your career. You may be doing all of the right things to get a promotion, but maybe you didn’t put two and two together to realize you are ready for a promotion. To help, the CGS Team is sharing 5 signs you are ready for a promotion, so you can start pursuing one!

Signs you’re ready for a promotion

#1 Your current job is no longer a challenge

If your output in your current position is always 100%, requires minimal time and effort than it used to, and never fails to impress, it could be time for the next level. You have proven that you can deliver the results your boss and company need at your current position. Imagine the results you can deliver in a promoted position. To feel we are making the most of our days, we need to feel the challenge. If your current job is no longer a challenge, because of your excellence in the role, it’s a clear sign you’re ready for a promotion.

#2 Your peers respect and support you

When you have the respect and support from your teammates, departments that work with your team on a regular basis, and senior leaders, you are in a great place of power. The only obvious next move is to move up in your position. A promotion will solidify your influence, and may cultivate further work relationships.

While respect and support from your peers is not a necessity to get promoted, it will make your next role a lot easier. You have that network to leverage when you need it. To ensure you are always viewed as a professional teammate, make sure you avoid office gossip, and socialize wisely with your current peers and teammates.

#3 You are the office go-to for questions and assistance

Does your manager always come to you with requests for assistance? Do your peers come to you with questions before they go to their managers? Do people refer your name to others to assist with questions or projects? If you answer yes to these questions, you may be ready for a promotion. When you are seen as an asset to the people you work with, it validates your importance. Important people are the ones who get promoted.

#4 You know you can make a bigger impact for the company in a higher role

You have proven yourself from a responsibility standpoint, and now you’re ready to take your ideas to the next level. If you know you can make a bigger impact for your company being in a higher role, then you may be ready for a promotion. If you can bring ideas to the table that will save your company time and money, you have the mindset necessary to grow in the company.

#5 You are willing to put in the extra man hours

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, but the more money you make and the higher position you have in a company, the more time you will need to spend on the job. Are you willing to take that sacrifice? With a promotion comes more money and more responsibility. This will likely require you to log more hours, stay late when you may not want to, and even work weekends.

If you are up to the challenge of putting more time into your job, then you are likely ready for a promotion. The higher up you go, the more time and muscle memory you will need to devote to your new role. It’s a lot easier to put in the man hours when you’re younger, single or don’t have kids. If that’s your situation, take advantage and get that promotion!

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Don’t sell yourself short. If you are performing at a high caliber level in your job and you’re ready for the next challenge, put your name out there for a promotion. Make it known that you are looking to advance in your career. Start networking and connecting with more people who can help you get where you’re trying to go. Do you have any of the signs above that you’re ready for a promotion? Are you currently working to grow in your career? Post a comment below to share!

-The CGS Team



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