5 Seasonal Colors to Help You Slay this Winter

Winter brings its own unique beauty. There’s something magical about the cold, crisp weather and the way the ice sparkles when the sunlight hits it. Seasonal colors are so fun to witness and play with!

Depending on where you are, though, your winter weather could vary! Some places have warm winter seasons, or a lot of rain. When the snow piles up here, we start to dream of spring.

Whatever winter looks like for you, we’ve got 5 seasonal colors to help you slay this season.

#1 Red

Don’t opt for bland colors this winter! Red is a bright, festive color that’s perfect for the winter months.

Winter always accompanies Christmas, and there’s plenty of red to go around. Incorporating some red into your wardrobe can help get you into the holiday spirit.

Winter can also be cold and depressing, so why not pull out your brightest colors? A fashionable red statement piece or cozy sweater will be sure to brighten any mood.

#2 Black

While red is gorgeous, opting for dark colors during the winter time can also help you stand out like the superstar you are. If you’re looking to slay this winter, a sleek black outfit will help you achieve just that!

Bolder, darker hues absorb solar radiation and body heat, keeping you warmer than lighter colored clothing will. This is why we avoid wearing dark colors in the summer—but during the cold months, black clothes are where it’s at!

You can pair black with any other color to make it stand out more. Don’t be afraid of throwing on all black this winter season, either!

#3 Green

There are so many variations of green to choose from! The color green is often associated with earthiness and nature, which can make this color a great reminder of the spring and summer weather to come.

Deep shades of green will stand out, especially against red. Just be careful you don’t get mistaken for a Christmas ornament!

If you don’t have much green in the wardrobe department, seek out some green accessories to add to an existing outfit. Handbags, jewelry, and scarves in green are a great addition to your closet!

#4 Blue

Pull out the blue hues when winter arrives. Blue is a serene color to include in your wardrobe, and its many shades can be mixed and matched to complement or stand out against winter whites!

One shade of blue that never fails in winter is navy. This deep blue color will have you standing out from the crowd.

Navy clothes are perfect, because they can be bold statement pieces on their own, or act as a blank slate for other colors. Pair navy with shiny metallic jewelry, or opt for a bright yellow or pink pop of color.

Dark denim is also a great option for winter. It’s the perfect season for your warmest jeans, and blue denim can be your classic look for winter weather.

#5 White

Adding some winter white to your wardrobe can make you feel like a snow queen. Finding the right white outfit will make you look and feel like a million bucks.

There are various shades of white to choose from, including ivory and eggshell all the way to the white of glaciers and diamonds.

Sometimes people are afraid of wearing white in winter because they don’t want to disappear or blend in with the background. Find a dark green fir tree to stand in front of, and we promise that white ensemble will pop!

A white outfit is a canvas for you to create on, so enjoy this season’s style and outfit pairings!

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Of course, any seasonal colors or recommendations are a guide and not a law you have to follow. What are your favorite colors to help you slay the winter season?

You want your wardrobe to express your personality!

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