5 Pieces That Always Flatter Your Waist

Regardless of our current shape or size, we all have a waistline. Obviously, hitting the gym and eating right are some of the best ways to get your waist in shape, but what if your clothes could help to? Whether you prefer a subtle or full-on hourglass shape, certain pieces can flatter your waist and give you the appearance of a smaller waist. The CGS Team is sharing 5 pieces to add to your wardrobe if you want to accentuate your waistline.

Anything High-Waisted

Take it from the hourglass queen herself, Kim Kardashian. High-waisted bottoms cinch and smooth the tummy area, giving the look of a toned, tight waistline. High-waisted bottoms, including shorts, skirts, denim, and pants should hit right above your belly button.


The peplum silhouette originated in the 1940s and has made its way back to mainstream fashion. That’s great news for our waistlines! The style includes a fitted high-waist followed by a flair. This gives the look of more curves and less tummy. The great thing is that peplum styles come in tops and dresses!

Dress with Side Panels

This clever fashion trick plays wonderfully on the eyes. The paneled design on the sides create a curvy figure, making yours look much curvier. Make sure to keep these types of dresses at mid length. Anything shorter could mess up the illusion.

Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants offer a great contrast between the waistline and the bell shape of the legs. The wider the fit, the better. For the best cinched-waist effect, make sure your wide leg pants are high-waisted as well. The style works well with denim, trousers, and linen fabrics.

Wrap Dress 

A flattered waist is doable anytime with the 5 pieces listed above. Go for different colors, prints, and styles and start flaunting that waistline! Do you have any waist-flattering pieces that you love? What types of pieces compliment your shape? Post a comment below to share your fashion tips when it comes to flattering your waist!

-The CGS Team



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