5 Organic Beauty Buys Worth Trying

When we hear organic, we typically think clean, fresh, and—to be quite honest—the best. However, when we hear the word organic and makeup in the same sentence, a lot of times we squint our eyes and wonder if it does the same thing non-organic makeup does. 

Does it give us the coverage we need? Will I break out? Is it going to break my bank and be more expensive than the brand I’m currently wearing? As all questions are valid, it is important to know that if you don’t try it then you’d never know for yourself. Check out these five organic beauty products that we think are worth trying.

#1 Kosas

This brand is a clean makeup brand that uses formulas that are rich in botanicals and adapt to a wide range of skin tones. With watercolor-inspired eye shadows for a hint of subtle glamour and products that enhance the feeling of being an empowered strong woman.

Kosas is a simple beauty product brand that leaves you feeling beautiful and natural. This beauty product believes in cultivating beauty on every level. They embrace femininity formulated with integrity, all balled into beauty. Kosas carries a blush and highlighter palette that delivers a radiant, naturally flushed glow.

It is also very good for the skin. Rosemary extract enhances circulation and moringa oil boosts brightness, while rice bran keeps skin hydrated and jojoba oil fights free radicals. The ‘Velvet Melon’ version features peachy and gold hues, perfect for those with warm undertones.

#2 Rituel de Fille

This fun organic make up brand is great for those wanting to try a clean makeup brand. Each of the products is cruelty-free and made from all-natural raw materials. This beauty product holds a new vision for those wanting to touch in with their natural beauty.

This natural beauty brand is inspired by natural ingredients, where pigments are elements. They have a wonderful eye shadow by the name of Celestial Sphere Eye Soot that is great for creating a radiant eye look for a night out. It comes in colors that are subtle enough for the day and night. Colors include Viscera, Obsidian, Serpent De Mer, Half-Light, and Sigil.

Aside from their cool eye shadows they also have clean lip moisturizer. It is called the Enchanted Lip Sheer that has a burst of sheer color. Just like the eye shadow, the Enchanted Lip Sheer comes in different colors such as Bittersweet, Rue, Whitethorn, and Narcissus. 

#3 Kari Gran

The Kari Gran clean products are considered a multi-generational brand. These products are for every woman, at any age. Not only is it for women of all ages, but it is also an affordable organic beauty line full of skincare products that help women to restore their youthful glow.

All of its products are made from organic, wild-harvested, and non-GMO ingredients. Products like their organic, wild beauty is a classic timeless product that is frequently consumed by all ages. They already have fan favorites of their Lip Whip, especially in the playful, pink Peppermint, and Rosie Gold tones. If you like a sultrier look then you would love the Suji Lip Whip.

#4 Lily Lolo

This England organic beauty product is designed with a clean and healthy formula. Founder Vikki Kahn fell in love with mineral makeup and wanted to create a line of products that protects your skin from harsh chemicals and restores your youthful glow. 

You will not find any harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin in her products. If you are looking for a complexion that is healthy and glows, then Lily Lolo is the product for you.

Her eye shadow palette is great for everyday eye enhancement, and your skin will glow even more with the help of a bit of her blush. The blush hues come in a variety of different colors such as Just Peachy, Coming Up Roses, Burst Your Bubble, In the Pink, Life’s a Peach. 

#5 RMS Beauty

These clean organic products do more than just beautify your complexion — they also deeply nourish your skin. The line of RMS Beauty products is based on the premise that makeup doesn’t have to fulfill one single function. RMS Beauty is not only beautiful but also multi-functional and sustainable.

They carry a pretty awesome dewy eye polish that comes in an array of colors. Those colors include Seduce, Myth, Lucky, Solar, Magnetic, Lunar, Aura, Utopia, and Embrace. Also, they carry a luminous glow highlighter that gives your highlighter an extra pop. It hydrates and enhances your natural youthfulness through a sheer satin pearl finish.

To apply, you sparingly apply with fingers or the Brightening Brush over cheekbones, on top and down the bridge of your nose, along with the inner eye corners, and on the bow of your lips. One shade fits all skin tones and types!

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There is nothing wrong with trying things outside your element. What is the worst thing that can happen after trying a new beauty product—enjoying it? If you are looking to go clean with your makeup, then we would suggest trying any of these five organic clean brands.

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