5 Money-Saving Travel Hacks to Try

When it comes to hacking and multitasking, there is no lie to say women take the win in both categories. Not sure why it comes so easy for us to manage multiple tasks at a times, all while doing it all in four-inch heels! Whelp…the cat is out of the bag, and the world needs to know we are superheroes in our own right. We know the best money-saving travel hacks to try!

Women are sharp when it comes to finding deals and figuring out how to effectively get an outcome without having to waste time or money.  Whether it’s booking family vacations or juggling work and personal life. If you haven’t figured out travel hacking yet, here are five money-saving travel hacks that you need to try!

#1 Clear your Cookie Browser

Many times, we are so excited the beginning of our travel search, that when we begin looking for our flights and hotel rooms, we forget the smallest details. The details include clearing your cookies from your computer browser.

Why is this so important you may be asking yourself? Each time you pull up a ticket you are eyeing, your cookies are tracking your movements. While this remains up for debate and some travelers do not think it matters about clearing your cookies, other travelers have seen a difference when shopping for hotels and flights.

So, I say It doesn’t hurt to clear your cookies – just a few seconds out of your time from searching is all it takes. Some contend that airlines use dynamic pricing, raising the price of the ticket when you look at it several times. If you’re paying close attention you just might see a price drop and save some bucks.

#2 Travel Early or Late at Night

Believe it or not, the time of day you travel may also play a significant role in how much you are spending. The good news is that it does not matter if you are a night owl or an early bird! Studies have actually shown that travelers who book flights in the early morning or late at night tend to save more in their pockets than those who travel at other times in the day.

Those who only select flights that are either early morning or late at night have caught on to the travel hack train and have been saving major funds! If you don’t like traveling very early or very late, it’s noted that those flights are almost always cheaper than mid-day flights – so you may want to suck it up for your savings sake.

More than half of the time people don’t want to take that early morning flight or midnight journey. As a result, airlines often lower these fares considerably. Try it out a couple of times and add up the difference every time you book these less than desirable flight times, and by the end of the year you’ll be thanking CGS for how much you saved.

#3 Book Refundable

We understand booking refundable flights and hotels may seem like a little stretch but hear us out! Booking refundable will give you more time to search for discounted rates while still holding a reservation. Yes, it is more costly in the beginning but at least you have something under your belt in case the more affordable option slips through the cracks.

So, what is the game plan you may be thinking to yourself? It is simple; all you do is book the refundable and every few days or week leading up to the big trip, check to see if the rates have changed. More than likely prices have dropped and you are able to have your cake and eat it too.

Booking refundable rates gives you the security of a reservation but also the ability to cancel and book a better last-minute deal that almost always seems to pop up a few days before your trip.

#4 Keep Travel Promotions

Everyone receives travel promotions whether its via their email or actual mail. The funny thing is we probably have all received numerous promotions on travel deals but they go straight to junk or we delete them to make room for more important mail. I must put a disclaimer that every time you overlook these promotions or toss them in the trash, you could be missing out on saving money for your next trip.

Trust me, it doesn’t hurt to take a peek before disposing. For all you know, it could be saving you dollars whether it’s a mileage promotion or a special flight deal. Those deals that come through via email can save you money, so pay attention, especially if you have a trip in the works.

Set up a travel email promotion folder or separate email address for travel sites you frequent and instead of dragging them to your trash box simply drag them to the designated folder or email! 

#5 Travel Rewards Credit Card

Credit cards can suck when you have to pay back on what seemed like free money at the moment. However, there can be credit cards that can provide you with perks when it is time to travel. If you don’t already have a travel rewards credit card, consider signing up for one.

Of course, everyone’s credit history is different, so we raise your spirits to find the best travel rewards credit card for your financial situation. If you’re just paying your monthly expenses through your bank account, you’re missing out on getting major points on free flights and hotel rooms.

Simply charge your monthly expenses on a travel rewards credit card instead of your personal credit card and pay your bill through your checking account each month. Before you know it, you’ll start to see your miles and points add up by spending merely on your monthly expenses.

Be careful though! Make sure you always have enough to pay your credit card off in full, otherwise it won’t be worth the savings. This hack works best when you don’t already have other credit card debt.

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Money-saving travel hacks can be a lifesaver and a time preserver all in one! We hope these hacks open your calendar up to endless travel possibilities to let you explore the world like you have never done before! What is one money-saving travel hack that you have found to be useful during your trips? Would you be open to trying any of the travel hacks that we suggested? Share your thoughts and feedback in the Comments section below!

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