5 Low-Cost Weekend Activities to Help You Save Money

5 Low-Cost Weekend Activities to Help You Save Money

We might not always want to save, but it is important! Saving your money and using it on the low-cost weekend activities that matter most is a way better plan than just mindlessly spending.

Happiness isn’t about how much money you have—it’s about the time you get to spend doing what you love, with the people you love. So even when you’re on a tight budget, remember that it’s only temporary.

The City Girl Savings Team has compiled these 5 low-cost weekend activities to help you save money and catch a vibe!

#1 Museum Visit

There are many types of museums to visit, from pop-ups to art museums and history museums, the list is endless. Museum exhibits can help inspire interest in an area of study, a particular item, a time period, or an idea.

There’s more going on in museums than one might think! Admission varies across museums—some museums are free, while others are free for seniors, students, and children but have a small charge for adults.

Check around for a museum that seems interesting and has a low admission fee, or none at all. Saving money while learning is a win-win! There’s no joy in going into debt trying to have fun.

#2 Try New Recipes

After a busy week, it’s easy to neglect ourselves and our health and opt for takeout on the weekend. Instead of ordering in or spending extra money at a fancy restaurant, try making a new recipe!

Trying new recipes can be fun and tasty. Eating together is a social activity from across cultures—invite some friends over and learn to cook a new meal, or host a potluck!

As you master new recipes, you’ll have more options to choose from every week. This is a great way to get out of a food rut and avoid ordering the same meals from the same restaurants.

Making a new recipe over the weekend is a great way to line your pockets and fill your belly!

#3 Check Out Your Local Farmer’s Market 

Instead of spending a bunch of money on unhealthy food, you can also take a trip to your local farmer’s market! Growers and producers from your area will have stalls to sell fresh produce, eggs, cheese, and more—often for surprisingly low prices.

Farmer’s markets are typically free admission, and there are a ton of great deals. Depending on the market, you might find everything from poultry and eggs to lamb and goat, to milk, cheese, butter, and ice cream, to honey, syrup, jams, and sauces, to wool, wine, beer, bread, and more.

A trip to the farmer’s market can be a low-cost way to spend a morning or afternoon with friends or loved ones, followed by an evening enjoying the meal you make from what you found!

#4 Happy Hour Hack
It’s possible to satisfy your craving to go out without breaking the bank. Hit up your favorite restaurant or bar, but do it during happy hour.

Whether they call it beer o’clock, social hour, discount drinks, or cost-effective cocktails, that is the time to go. Happy hour is that magical time when drinks and appetizers will be available at a discount!

So, grab your homies and get ready for a great time. But remember, just because drinks are discounted doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still drink responsibly.

#5 Picnic at the Park

A weekend picnic at the park is the best. Pack up your favorite foods and games, and make a day of it! You can even play a friendly game of tag or hide and seek (just make sure the area is safe and the boundaries are clear!).

If weather permits—and especially if it’s a hot day—fill a cooler with water balloons!

Or, you might take some time for a hike in nature. Wear appropriate shoes, grab some sun screen and bug spray, and soak in the sounds and sights of the trail.

Spending time outside with good food and good friends is a great way to save money and make memories that will last.

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Having money provides you with the leisure to do pretty much whatever you want when you want. What activities do you like to do while on a budget? Have you tried any of the ideas here? If so, did you enjoy them?

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