5 Life Changing Money Moves to Make Right Now

When it comes to success in your finances, there are a few basic things that can easily take you to the next level. While most of your actions won’t lead to overnight success, those actions will accumulate over time to produce massive results. Life-changing money moves don’t have to be big; they just have to be consistent.

In fact, I don’t believe people should only chase quick wins – in finances and in life. I believe people should be willing to work for the things they want. When you put in the work, you get the results. If you’re ready for life-changing results with your money, I got you! Check out 5 life-changing money moves to make right now and see that success you’re after.

#1 Invest in your financial success

“Working with Raya was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself”. One of my graduated clients Brittany shared that feedback with me after we completed our 12-week one-on-one coaching program. That’s just one of the many amazing testimonials I’ve received from past clients. Any time a client signs up to work with me (and pays the hefty price tag), they never regret it.

When you invest in yourself, you’re more committed than if you sign up for something free. I’ve charged a lot less for my financial coaching and seen the difference in the amount of work, time, and discipline a person puts in. I’m not saying you have to invest in me to make this life-changing money move, I’m saying you have to invest in your own financial success…that may be with any coach or advisor you see fit.

When you invest in your financial success, you’re not only putting up your dollars to see a return, but you’re putting in the energy, time, and effort to see your investment through. Even if you take away one small nugget of information from your investment, it can lead to long term, compounding gains.

Investing in your financial success doesn’t just mean working with a coach or advisor. It could also mean signing up for an online program, attending a class for a semester, investing in a new business, or putting your money to work in investments.

If you’re looking for an online program, self-paced and delivering the information in reasonable pieces, I strongly suggest you check out the Money Management Mastery for Working Women program. It features everything you need to master managing your money, for the long term!

#2 Finally start investing

There’s no doubt about it…investing your money in the stock market, for the long term, is the absolute best way to build wealth over time. Your money just compiles and compiles. Your gains on your initial investment yield their own gains. It’s a never-ending compounding cycle that makes millionaires. 

However, you have to start early. The best returns with the stock market come over the course of time. The more time you give yourself, the more money you’ll have when you’re ready to take the money out of the market. One of the best life-changing money moves you can make right now is to start investing.

You’re likely already investing. If you’re contributing to a 401k or IRA, then you’re investing. If you’re not, that’s one of the easiest ways to get started. Another easy way to get started is to open a general investment account with Betterment or Digit and start putting your money into funds they pick for you, based on your goals. There are no more excuses for not investing. Put your money up, and you’ll thank me in the future!

#3 Get your business plan mapped out
Here’s what I’ve realized about business. In 1 year, you can earn as much money as it would’ve taken you to work 5 years in the corporate world…or longer! Starting a business, and seeing it through to profitability is a total life-changing money move. It not only takes your income to new levels quicker, but it can open the door for true financial freedom.

Not everyone has the entrepreneurial bug, and that’s okay. But if starting a business has always been a dream of yours…it’s time to make it a reality. Get your business plan mapped out. You don’t have to get crazy with it! Just put a plan in place that outlines the problem your business idea will solve. From there, outline how you will get customers. Then, get to work.

#4 Add “Charity, Tithe and Donations” to your budget

I can truly attest to the power of giving. Not only does donating, tithing or giving make you feel better, but it brings a new level of gratitude to your life. That gratitude is what opens the door for more financial (and non-financial) blessings to come your way. Even if you think you don’t have the money, adding a category to your budget for giving/donating is a life-changing money move.

You’ll come to find that even if you thought you didn’t have the money to give, you still manage to give…and your responsibilities are still taken care of. Don’t wait until you make more money to start donating. Start donating now and it’ll just get easier when more money does end up coming your way. Trust me, it certainly will.

#5 Prioritize saving for emergencies

Absolutely everyone needs to have some sort of money saved for an emergency. It doesn’t have to be the standard 3-6 months’ worth of living expenses. It does, however, need to be an amount that would cover you if something unexpected were to happen.

Not only does saving for emergencies help you in times of need (and believe me, those times will come), it gives you a sense of security. You feel less stressed knowing that if something were to happen, you’d be able to cover all or a portion of it with your emergency savings.

Now, if you’re wondering if you should save for emergencies before paying off debt, the answer is “yes”. However, your emergency savings doesn’t need to be large. It just needs to be something put away to cover you in case of something happening. I’d recommend saving $500-$1000, based on your situation and comfort level, then shift your focus to paying off debt fully.

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Whether you start with one item on this list or tackle all five, each of the items on this list will help you take your finances to a new level. The items on this list will produce the long-term results and success you’re worthy of. You can do it! Just stay the course, stay consistent, and stay motivated. Have you done or started doing any of these things? Drop a comment below to share!

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