5 Home-Office Adds to Boost Inspiration

Sometimes looking at the same four walls literally can drive a person insane and drain the inspiration right from them. If you think about it from the aspect of the same routine, it can be kind of boring and in a sense looking at the same plain walls in your home office can have a similar effect. Break free with some home-office adds to boost inspiration!

Given many jobs have resulted to working from home due to Covid and for health reasons why not add a boost of inspiration to your home office to help elevate your productivity level. Let this space be dedicated to letting your full productivity shine through. Check out these five home-office adds to add some extra boost of inspiration!

#1 Add some lighting

Whether it’s natural lighting or shine from desk lamp, lighting is important. It ultimately sets the mood of the office. Who said you’re limited to just one raggedy desk lamp that barely provides any light? For more focused lighting, choose an angled desk lamp with a dimmer switch. Have fun and add some additional lighting for those gloomy days.

Lighting is important because unbeknownst to many lights has an effect on our moods. Have you ever noticed that you feel more relaxed when certain lights are exposed? Or you feel more productive when a select lighting feature is on bright? Artificial lighten is such an effective alternative that gets the job done if you don’t have access to natural lighting.

Since the world has reverted to working virtually choosing to work out of a room that provides the necessary lighting is vital. If you do not have a lot of space in your home office, we suggest using light strips or pendant lighting which is a good way of illuminating a room without taking up a lot of floor space.

#2 Include your personality

It really isn’t your home office if you don’t let you and your unique personality shine through. When you incorporate your personality into your home office it becomes and effective and easy way to invite inspiring energy into the space. Add things that you like and enjoy to your office. No one needs to like it and approve it more than you – never forget it.

There is no one in this world that has a sparkling personality like you – so let it shine through. You may be asking yourself how can I be the best version of myself. The answer is very simple. You can add your favorite music artists poster, or a framed picture of you doing something you enjoyed doing!

#3 Invest in comfort

This pretty much speaks for itself! If you are having the freedom to try the furniture out prior to purchase, we highly recommend you do so. Comfort is so important for boosting inspiration. How can one possibly feel inspired while being uncomfortable? Don’t worry we will wait for your response?!

Comfortability is the one things people always fail to remember when decorating or organizing a space. Choose a chair that is comfy and ergonomic to help with comfort. The very last thing you need to add to your plate is a sore neck or an annoying back ache. A decent office chair is essential for your home office so budget accordingly and enjoy!

#4 Declutter
Many times, a home office needs a good decluttering. Removing the old and bringing in the new does something that helps provide additional inspiration in the office. Usually when there is a lot of mess surrounding a person it can block their creative energy. They are not able to reach their full creative capacity therefore tossing the items that are no longer needed to make room for the items that do can make a work a difference.

Mess can really clutter a person’s creative energy. To help organize and declutter your home office you can invest in storage bins and file organizers. If you feel uncomfortable tossing out certain documents, get a shredder.

#5 Incorporate color

Whether you like neutral colors or prefer darker colors in your home office have some fun with it! Similar to lighten colors also can play a major factor in boosting some inspirational vibes. For instance, yellow hues catch the eye and inspire creativity. If you are feeling kind of sluggish, we are confident one sight of yellow will change that instantly. In terms of other colors, blue is another popular one that helps stimulate the mind.

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To create an inspirational workspace with these home-office adds, it’s honestly all about making the space as homely and cohesive as possible. What trends have you incorporated to make your home office inspiring. Would you try any of our suggestions? If so, which one?

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