6 Home Décor Ideas to Spark Mental Stimulation

It’s in the comfort of our own homes where we can finally let our hair down and truly be ourselves. It’s when we’re comfortable that we’re able to let our creative juices flow—and a person’s home is a prime breeding ground for creativity. Just what you need to spark mental stimulation!

Our homes are were we can get into that unfocused but comfortable mindset that enables creativity, and that creativity can extend to how we decorate our homes! Unless you live in a neighborhood where every house is identical, most people have different décor styles that showcase their unique personalities.

A home’s existing features can almost always be altered to showcase and boost creativity. Check out these 6 home décor ideas to spark mental stimulation!

#1 Let the Outside In

A common theme of homes that promote a sense of creativity is a view of nature, or natural elements. Any design choices that emphasize natural light, views of nature, greenery, and even fresh air can help provide that extra boost of creativity. Surrounding yourself with your favorite greenery can spark mental stimulation!

Natural colors can also play a huge part in mental stimulation. Being in a dark, gray room all day can certainly reduce one’s ability to be creative. On the other hand, colors like blue and green can support creativity—in part, it’s thought, because they remind people of things like skies, water, and trees.

#2 Indulge in Open Spaces

A lot of us have gotten accustomed to working from home, but sometimes that’s meant squeezing ourselves into whatever work space is available. It could be helpful to start incorporating open spaces and refreshing elements into your home!

Spread out furniture and eliminate clutter as much as possible. Even creating the illusion of open space by clearing off a desk or counter top can work wonders!

Use colors that inspire and motivate you—splash them across your walls, furniture, art, and accessories. Don’t fill your home with museum-quality furniture that you have to keep under plastic and can’t sit on. Create spaces where you can really relax.

Create a home that encourages experimentation and provides pockets of open space, creating a culmination of feel-good vibes that is sure to boost creative thinking. 

#3 Use What You Have

Often, our budget just isn’t as big as we’d like—but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a space that supports mental stimulation! Pay attention to the aesthetic and ambient details of your home that might lend themselves to creativity with just a few tweaks.

For example, if you don’t have a great view or a big open space, you don’t need to move—and you might not even need to move furniture! Try putting up a mirror, or a poster or print of a landscape. Mirrors make rooms feel larger, while artwork can center our attention and expand our perspective.

The goal is to create a sense of depth, even with a two-dimensional object. It will trigger the same response in your head as seeing the real thing!

#4 Embrace Your Home’s Features

A well-designed shower space, home gym, or even a kitchen sink with a view can all be worth prioritizing. An open-concept space—or at least a space that feels spacious and airy—is a good foundation for promoting creativity.

Your home already has features that will lend themselves to a sense of calm and creativity with the right tweaks. Opening the curtains to let in natural light at different times of day, rearranging your tools so you have easy access to the ones you use the most, and other small changes will make a big difference.

Put a little thought into how you arrange your home and the features it already has, and it can quickly impact your sense of creativity.

#5 Focus on Furniture

Seating that lets you recline has been shown to relax the mind and spark creative thinking. The type and placement of your furniture matters!

You can also use colors and textures that stimulate the brain into using both hemispheres. A bright pop of color against the dark fabric of a chair or couch can create an environment that’s more conduce to creativity than one where everything feels static.

Similarly, placing a desk against a wall can create a constricting mindset. Try turning your desk so it faces into a room, sits perpendicular to the wall, or looks out a window.

#6 Make Space for Play

Being able to move around was essential for getting through quarantine—having a space for physical activity is essential for well-being and creativity. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits, and exercise can feel more like play than work!

Designate a space for movement and play, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes in your creativity and mental stimulation. Keep a yoga mat and a set of weights so they’re easily available, string up some fairy lights or turn on some music that gets your blood pumping, and watch what happens!


Who said you needed to hire an interior decorator? A little bit can go a long way! If you ever needed to spark some mental stimulation, we definitely encourage you to check these ideas out and let us know how they worked for you.

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