5 Fresh Colors to Wear this Spring

Spring is the season that brings the sunshine out to let the pretty flowers bloom. There is no better season than spring – no matter where you are in the world the scenery is gorgeous. When the weather is amazing, it does something to the soul that just makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. There is nothing wrong with having fun while looking amazing this spring. As the saying goes “when you look good, you feel good!” Check out 5 fresh colors to wear this spring. These colors should be included in your spring fashion wardrobe this season.

Fresh colors to wear this spring


Put away the layers of cozy winter décor and lighten up for spring. Yellow is the perfect color to wear in the spring time! There is nothing more perfect than matching mother nature’s bright sunshine for a few days in a row.

The shade itself is one of spring’s staple colors that bring a smile to your face! Pull out your favorite yellow sundress and be sure to pack a picnic lunch for you and your friends! It’s a playful color that instantly brightens dullness. Yellow hues can be vibrant without being overpowering. It highlights the shades to let your creativity shine through. Here are a few yellow pieces to consider:

Blue is a color that is associated with intellect and spirituality. The spring color palette is clear, bright and daring! As you may or may not know, light blue is the color of serenity, and dark blue conveys importance and confidence. There is absolutely no reason for you to play it safe when it comes to fashion in springtime.

Freshen up your closet by adding some blue into your style. Whether you prefer a lighter blue or navy blue, blue is a must have hue for this spring. Pairing your blue fashion style with a hint of pop will have the spotlight on you. Spring is the season to look at how harmonious color combinations speak for themselves.

Pastel Pink

Everyone loves a pastel pink! In fact, it is one of spring’s most notorious colors to wear. Whether you love the color or not, pink somehow can always find its way into your wardrobe for spring. The hue is pretty much the natural color in spring and really makes your feel “pretty in pink”.

The array of different shades can definitely have you mixing things up and standing out from the basic baby pink we tend to focus our mind on. Color schemes such as a pretty pastel and highlighter, to a glittery version and a bold, berry tone – the combinations are endless. Pair this shade in a top or your favorite romper and let the cool spring day whisk you away. Here are a few ideas:

Step out from the winter’s cold and into something more saturated. Orange is a color that demands attention, if you know what I mean. If you are looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you should have something orange in your closet this spring.

Try adding a flaming orange color to your wardrobe list and you will look perfect for any get together or occasion you want to be the center of attention in. Whether it is a jumpsuit or skirt, you will be sure to turn heads!

Mint Green

The mint green hue is not limited by age or gender. Pairing this color with white, yellow, or blue can definitely take your wardrobe to the next level. If white bottoms are not your best friends, don’t sweat it! You can always try switching it up by wearing black and greenery together, which makes a great combo. Many color combinations are possible with mint green as your starting point! Check out the Raid Raya’s Closet post to see how Raya wore Mint!

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Spring is always full of fresh colors and beautiful weather. There is no secret when it comes to spring and the best colors to wear during the season. What colors do you typically find yourself drawn towards during spring? Do you have any articles of clothing that match the colors this spring? Post a comment below to share your spring color favorites!

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