5 Fall Candle Scents I Can’t Get Enough Of

Obviously, there are so many amazing things to love about the fall season. Halloween, Thanksgiving and the anticipation of Christmas, pumpkin spice lattes, and fall candles! I realize the latter makes me sound a little crazy, but I can’t get enough of fall candles! As August approaches (early, I know), I start stocking up on some seasonal candles!

Scents trigger so many memories, and fall scents truly make happy! I’m sharing 5 fall candle scents I can’t get enough of. Every year, right on schedule, these candles grace my home with their presence! Hopefully, you get some ideas!

5 Fall Candle Scents I Can’t Get Enough Of

#1 Spiced Cinnamon

My number one go-to fall candle scent is cinnamon! Spiced Cinnamon is my absolute favorite, but I’ve also tried cinnamon variations. This scent is the one that reminds me of fall the most. It’s a constant scent in my house starting in late August and ending after Thanksgiving. Then, I transition to my second favorite holiday scent, pine!

#2 Pumpkin Chai

I only came across the Pumpkin Chai scent last year, but it’s definitely a new favorite! I’m a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes, and this candle scent always makes me want to run to Starbucks. All that means is that I need to limit my use of it! 😂

#3 Cranberry

Cranberry sauce is a staple for our Thanksgiving dinners – has been for as long as I can remember. The Cranberry candle scent makes me think of past Thanksgiving dinners with my family. I don’t run this scent often throughout the fall season, but whenever I do, I always get a welcomed wave of nostalgia.

#4 Fresh Snow

The Fresh Snow scent reminds me of the holiday version of Cotton or Fresh Linen scents I used to have lit in the summers when I was in college! It smells fresh like warm laundry but also has hints of smells that remind me of the holidays. If you haven’t tried this candle yet, I definitely recommend it!

#5 Holiday Forest

I know this scent is listed last, but after cinnamon, the smell of pine trees or Christmas trees is the next best scent in my house for the holidays! I usually put my Christmas tree up a week or two before Thanksgiving, so as soon as the tree is up, this candle scent starts making its debut! My house will smell like Christmas until my tree comes down – around the middle of January!

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In all seriousness, the 5 fall candle scents above NEVER disappoint. Plus, you can find them wherever you get your candles every holiday season. I actually took advantage of a Pier 1 sale last year and stocked up on quite a few. Bath and Body Works also has their popular candle sale! Do you like holiday scents? What are some of your recommendations? Share in the Comments section below!


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