5 Chic Ways to Decorate for Fall

Who doesn’t love to get into the spirit of the holiday season each year? Well if you’re anything like us over at City Girl Savings, fall is one of your favorite seasons! That’s why we are sharing 5 chic ways to decorate for fall and get your home ready for the autumn season.

This may be something new for some of you, but it sure isn’t something new for others.  A simple seasonal addition to your home can go a long way. The fall season lasts for a few months, so take advantage! Don’t wait for Halloween or Thanksgiving to get your fall decorating on!

Decorate your Doorway

A decoration on your doorway certainly isn’t anything new when it comes to giving your home a little something extra. Adding that seasonal touch to your doorway is simple way to get started! Whether your style is simple or dramatic, you can definitely pull any décor off! It’s right in the front of your home where everyone can view and enjoy.

If you have an eye for décor and sales, you can chic your doorway up for the fall season for under $20 bucks. We suggest hanging a simple autumn wreath or sign on your door. You can find trendy fall floor mats to place outside of your door.

Give your Table Some Spice

Tables in the home are always places where friends and family come to gather, so why not have some decorations on top for them to see? Fall is the perfect time of year to dress your table up. Earth-toned table cloths and small candles are perfect for decorating your table for the fall season.

It’s ideal when hosting small or large get-togethers and holiday events. If you want you can even get new tableware that can accompany adorable silverware illustrating the autumn flair to your table. Fall-inspired centerpieces are also a great option.

Shelves Need Flair Too

Don’t forget the shelves! Shelves are a great addition to any home. It’s one of the perfect places to add touches of your personality and things that interest you. It’s also a great way to mix in some chic décor to celebrate the fall season. Gold or silver pumpkins, depending on what colors you have in your home, are great autumn ideas to add to your shelves.

Since Halloween is one of the first holidays in fall, adding small Halloween decorations to your mantle would be a great start if no decorating ideas are coming to mind.

Freshen up your Porch

Porches, in the front or back of your home, are a great opportunity to decorate. Whether you want to pay attention to your front or your backyard, either would be perfect for some additional fall décor. Autumn is the season of warm colors and spices. Try adding a welcoming feel to your porch with rich fall shades.

If you have seating, add pillows in common fall colors like burnt orange, brown, or red. If you have an outdoor table with an umbrella, look for a fall-inspired umbrella to break out every fall season. You will feel more festive by switching them out!

Restroom Décor

Decorating your household restrooms for fall doesn’t have to be much of a hassle. You don’t always have buy new décor to bring in a new season. Scented candles and oils are a great way to add a touch of autumn to that particular room. Embrace the autumn smells by including candles to your home interior design.

Cinnamon, apple spice and pumpkin aromas are perfect scents for fall. Another idea would be to switch out the colors of your towels and bathroom mats. Colors that remind you of autumn will keep you in a festive spirit all day.

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Just like the seasons, a little change never hurt anyone! In fact, a change is known to give a breath of fresh air. We hope these 5 chic ways to decorate your place have encouraged you to try something new! What home décor suggestions for fall would you like to share with us? Do you usually decorate for different seasons? We love hearing feedback from the community members of CGS! Post a reply comment below to share!

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  1. Fall is my absolute favorite season, so this article is right up my alley. I definitely plan on breaking out some fall-scented candles soon. I also recommend having your favorite fall movies on repeat. Hocus Pocus!!

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