5 Eyebrow Primers to Try

Brow primer is essential to laying down those wild brow hairs for when you are trying to get yourself together. For those of you who have been living on Venus the past couple months and do not know what eyebrow primers are, don’t worry, I got you covered.

Eyebrow primer is a cosmetic product that helps tames your eyebrows before applying brow pencil or powder to fill in the areas that do not appear full. A trend that has been around in the beauty world is having full, even brows. In order to do so you will need to prime and fill them. Check out these five eyebrow primers we think you will absolutely love.

Eyebrow primers to try

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer

This colorless, wax, brow primer pencil will lay those wild hairs down like never before. Simply draw over your brows, especially where the unruly hairs are, and watch how quickly those brow hairs lay.

Designed to keep brows in place with a multitude of flexibility, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer is what you need. Typically, brow primer applies after you have filled your brows in for a subtle, yet defined look. Your brows will appear more groomed and picture perfect.

Benefit Cosmetics Browvo Primer

BROWVO! Conditioning primer is a nutrient rich eyebrow primer. You can lay those brows down without having to worry about a wild hair popping out and ruining your make up. This cool product comes in the standard size or mini, which is great for traveling and on the go.

BROWVO is a clear formula that primes and conditions for fuller, healthier-looking brows. This product is great for those with thin brows, who want fuller looking brows. This nutrient-rich, conditioning primer is formulated with key ingredients such as keratin and soy proteins, which help brows, look thicker, healthier, and fuller. The custom-designed soft-touch applicator coats brows from root to tip.

Proof It! Waterproof Brow Primer

NYX professional make up has come out with a primer that is affordable and jaw dropping. This amazing product is only $7 dollars and can be purchased at your local drug and beauty stores. Ingredients that are smooth and conditioning, their clear eyebrow gel sets your brows in place all day, rain or shine.

All you have to do is apply over your brows before shaping with powder to keep them in control. NYX’s Proof It formula is made specifically for thin sparse brows that tend to go all over the place.

e.l.f Cosmetics Brow & Lash Primer

If you have not heard about e.l.f, then we recommend you stop by your nearest beauty store and stock up! e.l.f cosmetics is great for when you are balling on a budget but still need your beauty fix. Target sells this brand and I must say it is affordable and gets the job done.

For just $2 dollars, you can purchase e.l.f’s clear brow primer that helps your keep those annoying hairs in line. The glossy, primer will leave your brows looking shiny and healthy-looking. The product is infused with long wearing conditioning agents so you will not have to keep applying. Flawless lashes and brows have never been easier! Did I mention this was a dual-purpose primer?!

MAC Cosmetics

The brow set by MAC cosmetics is one of those products you just can leave the house with applying. A brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape. Adds shine and style. No flaking or stiffening. Also grooms lashes, sideburns, and facial hair.

Aside from the MAC counters and store, you can pick this little gem up at any Ulta beauty store for just $19 dollars. It is easy to apply! Simply apply to brows by combing through hairs with the brush applicator and in seconds, your brows go from ugly to ultimate.

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Brows are what makes your face stand out from the rest. Whether you like them thick or thin, long or just right, your brows are your brows and you can rock them however you wish. To maintain a clean look, the primer is the perfect cosmetic tool for you.

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