5 Easy Ways to Incorporate More of You in Your Business Branding

5 Easy Ways to Incorporate More of You in Your Business Branding

From one business owner to another, nothing sells better than YOU! This is especially true for service-based businesses. Business branding is everything!

I used to hide behind the City Girl Savings brand. Instead of putting my name and face out there, I’d act as if I was The CGS Team. Technically, I wasn’t acting – I was The CGS Team!

My point is that I never let anyone see or hear from me. I did this for years, but it wasn’t until I came out of the shadows that my business truly started to take off.

I was afraid to let myself shine through in my business and its brand. Whether I lacked confidence, had imposter syndrome or felt safer behind the CGS Team, I eventually fought through it.

When I started introducing myself, showing my picture and sharing my story, more and more people wanted to hear from me.

I looked like them. I had the same experiences as them. Because of that, they knew me. They liked me. They trusted me. Now, I’m no longer afraid of being the face of my business. I’m no longer worried about how others may perceive me.

I’m unapologetically me and it’s opened my business to more than I ever though possible. I want the same for you.

If you’re hiding in the shadows, it’s time to come to the light! Check out 5 easy ways to incorporate more of you in your business branding.

How to Incorporate More of You in Your Business Branding

#1 Show your face on video

One of the best ways to incorporate more of YOU into your business’ branding is by hopping on video. That’s right, show that pretty face of yours!

You can do this via YouTube, Instagram stories, Instagram Live, Facebook live, or by recording a video and sharing it.

Let people see you. Let people see the person behind the brand. This builds a connection that turns into long term supporters, a thriving community, and new customers.

I know it’s not easy, especially if you’re an introvert, but don’t let that stop you. In fact, share that information with your audience! Let them know you’re getting out of your comfort zone.

The support you get makes the effort worth it!

#2 Include your own personal experiences in your content (social media posts, blog articles, podcast, etc.)

One thing I started doing that changed the game for my business was including more of my own personal experiences in my content.

Now, I share how I did something, how it impacted me, what results I got, and so on. I also share my thoughts, feelings, struggles and awakenings.

Nine times out of ten, your audience or someone watching can relate to your own personal experiences. Sharing builds that connection I mentioned earlier. When someone feels they relate to you, they instantly learn to like and trust you.

Your entire piece of content doesn’t have to be centered on your own personal experiences, though that isn’t a bad idea.

You can sprinkle in bits and pieces of your own experiences. You can use your thoughts as nuggets to drive home a point.

An easy way to get started is to share why and how you started your business. I did this for City Girl Savings in the article My Start-Up Story: Why I Started City Girl Savings.

#3 Give a glimpse into your life

Looking for another easy way to incorporate more of you in your business branding? Give glimpses into your day, dinner, or life!

Share the people you love. Share your pets. Take a picture of what you’re eating for dinner. People want to know you’re a real person.

I started doing this on in the form of a monthly “Day in the Life” series via Instagram stories. I take my audience behind the scenes of my life on a particular day each month.

I’m personally trying to get better about doing this on the regular, but I knew if I had a set day/time every month, it would happen.

You can ease your way into this. Start small by sharing your favorite way to have coffee.

Eventually you’ll get comfortable with sharing more about your life, and that will turn into an eager and engaged audience!

#4 Share some of your favorite things 
Maybe you’re not ready to give your audience a glimpse into your life just yet. Instead, share some of your favorite things.

You can do this in a blog post, in a pre-recorded video, in a social media post or in an email newsletter. Just take the time to share the things you like most.

Feel free to start basic with things like your favorite color, song, movie, or hobbies. Then work your way up to your favorite podcasts, stores, influences and start sharing why.

This is a great way to continue building upon that connection your audience craves. It also helps people get a better understanding of who you are.

Sharing your favorite things lets potential clients know if you both jive. If not, it’s totally fine! You want customers you can jive with!

#5 Put your picture up in multiple places

If you’ve been following along but feeling anxiety with each tip that passes by, start here! If you want to incorporate more of you into your business branding, start by putting your picture up!

Put your picture on your website, put it on your business’ social media platforms. Share it in stories! It doesn’t take as much effort to share your picture as it does some of the other ideas in this article.

Start here to get your nerves to wind down. Don’t have a picture worthy of sharing? I highly doubt that—but consider taking headshots.

Everyone needs a professional headshot, and it could be a great picture to share across your marketing channels.

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Following the tips above will help your current and future customers relate to you in ways you never would’ve expected.

In a saturated online space, the only thing differentiating you from someone else is your own look, experiences, and voice.

YOU are the thing that makes your business different. Share more of you, and those who resonate will become loyal followers and customers.

Are you scared to put yourself out in your business? How do you incorporate yourself in your business’ branding? Share your tips and experiences by posting a comment below!

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