5 Christmas Gift Ideas that Can’t Be Bought

Christmas is the time of year where giving is not a second thought but an action of kindness. There’s something about the holidays that brings people together and calls for a time of love and laughter. Hopefully some Christmas gift ideas are already on your mind!

While this is the most wonderful time of the year, is it just me or is there an underlying energy to feel this strange pressure of commercialization versus the simple joy of togetherness? Like our gifts are what really matters when we know it’s the quality time? The presents versus the presence. If you’re looking to gift something that can’t be bought in stores this year, check out these five Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas that Can’t Be Bought

#1 Arts & Crafts

A wonderful gift idea that can’t be purchased and comes from the heart is an arts and crafts project. It could range in anything from a scrapbook project to creating something precious that the receiver has always needed but never purchased.

Gifts for the holidays do not necessarily mean you need to spend big bucks to make it meaningful. The thought behind it speaks volumes and the receiver will know it as soon as they lay their eyes on it. A perfect gift is one that has thought behind it. Some other arts and crafts ideas include a custom coffee mug, ceramic ornaments, or DIY bath bombs!

#2 A Family cookbook

The gift of food is the gift of time, energy and, well, food. Those delicious chocolate chip cookies, infamous spaghetti recipes or even chicken dinners all serve a purpose in everyone’s household!  A family cookbook with generations of recipes is a gift that can never be matched.

One thing about the holidays that brings people together is food. Food comes in different colors, shapes, sizes but it always represents the same thing…LOVE. Homemade food, of any kind. So, a family cookbook can’t disappoint!

#3 A Letter of Love

A letter to someone saying all the things you never take the time to say and a bottle of wine to sit and drink together is a magical gift. Everyone has a love language, and a letter of love can touch on just about everyone. This gift is from the heart and can be cherished for many, many, many years.

The beautiful thing with this gift is you can keep it as long or short and sweet you want. It is the message in the letter that tugs the heart. Though this gift is inexpensive, it’s rich in so many other ways. In the letter, one should speak from the heart saying things you may never have a moment to say to the recipient.

#4 Family Heirloom 
An heirloom is an object of worth passed from one generation to the next. If this isn’t a tradition in your family, you could be the first to begin a custom that lasts centuries. The important focus is the meaningful intention behind the item you want to give.

Generally, the heirloom is considered to be expensive in value but if there is something you want to gift someone that is important to you, you can do that. The value is assigned by those who nurture and care for the heirloom item. Heirloom items can include but are not limited to clothing, jewelry, or even household accessories. Cherished items often cross oceans, countries, and generations to create their stories, probably with a few scratches and bumps along the way.

#5 Quality Time

Whether in movies or in real life we always hear the saying “I wish there was more time” with a loved one. Time does not wait, bend, or fold for anyone. It is a true gift to cherish and should never be taken for granted. Here today and possibly gone tomorrow – quality time is important gift and should be shared accordingly. There are those ‘bucket list’ things we didn’t even know existed – until we made the point of selecting unique experiences we wanted to give to the people we love.

It may not be a present under the tree, but it is an experience which provides us more value than things can offer. Quality time can look and feel different with all the technology we are accessible to including FaceTime, chatting on the phone or in person. Though quality time is not necessarily cheaper than buying presents, it’s sharing an experience with them, making a memory alongside them which money can’t buy.

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There is no better feeling than seeing smiles on your loved ones’ faces. So, this year think outside the box and gift them something they will never forget. The holiday season is a time for giving, entertaining, and enjoying time spent making memories with family and friends.

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