5 Beauty Hacks to Look More Awake

If you aren’t a morning person don’t be too hard on yourself, not everyone is! Maybe you are a morning person, but always seem to look like you haven’t gotten enough rest. Either way, the CGS Team is sharing a few beauty hacks you might want to try!

At least once in our lives, we’ve woken up late, and felt like we looked the opposite of sleeping beauty! Thanks to our restless mornings, we’ve found a few life beauty hacks that can make your morning deficiency your morning blossom. Keep reading for 5 beauty hacks to look more awake every time you wake up!


When we sleep , the pressure of our bodies can have us wake up with a swollen face. Don’t freak yourself out, you did not get beat up in your sleep! If you notice your face is a little puffy, simply wash your face with cold water.

Place a cold wash cloth on your face and let it sit there for a few minutes, when it’s time to apply your make up the swollenness will have gone down dramatically. If your under-eye region is puffy, rub an ice-cube on swollen area.


If you’re anything like us, and you find yourself on the wrong side of the bed don’t worry! Make-up can do wonders. Like hiding anything we don’t want others to see. Concealer helps conceal any dark circles, blemishes or marks you have around your eyes.

If you tossed and turned all night and got zero rest, please rest assure a little concealer can go a long way. This will make your eyes appear brighter and less dull. You can also use concealer for blemishes on your face, but the real results will come at the eye area!

Add Lashes

For the days you wake up and you just look more exhausted than the night before, don’t freak out and waste a good PTO day on staying home. Simply pull out your false lashes!

If you don’t have any, you can head to the closest drugstore and pick some up for a great price. Adding length to your lashes opens your eyes up, making you appear more alert and awake.

If you don’t care for applying lashes, try opting for mascara that’s designed to give your lashes volume and length. Playing up your lashes will enhance your eye appearance, giving the vibe that you got the perfect amount of rest.

Wear Earrings

Accessories are a girl’s best friend – be honest, it’s hard to leave home without them! Wearing earrings can help you look more awake by bringing a reflection of light to your skin and eyes. This reflection will help take away any unwanted attention for tired eyes.

For those of you that have your go-to accessories, carry on and continue to rock them! Anything that draws attention away from your tired face will help brighten your appearance.

Break out the Pony

It’s not always promised that you’ll get a good night’s sleep every single time. In some cases when you wake up and feel more tired than before, simply draw the eyes up by having your hair pulled back. Whatever is your preference between high ponytails or high buns, pull your hair out of your face.

Pulling your hair back and up out of your face gives the illusion of you appearing more alert. The pulling gives you a small face lift that helps any bags under your eyes tighten up immediately.

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Life always has little tricks and secrets; the important thing is how we manage them when we need to. We hope these 5 little tricks come in good use when the time is right.

Do you have any life hacks that you use on the regular? Are any of the ones we provided ones you would try in the future? Share your beauty rest tips and tricks by leaving a comment below!

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