5 Apps to Keep You on Financial Track

5 Apps to Keep You on Financial Track

With all of the available technology at your fingertips, there is nothing stopping you from staying on top of your finances. It has become easier than ever to manage your accounts with applications for your computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

The CGS Team has researched numerous financial apps to provide a list of the best apps to help you stay on financial track.


Available on: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free

Described as the “personal finance security service” by its developers, BillGuard is an app that lets you track your debit and credit card spending while helping you protect your cards from errors and fraud.

In fact, BillGuard is real-time and goes above and beyond by notifying you of any charges that have been flagged or deemed questionable by other members. BillGuard will also alert you if any major corporation data breaches occur.

When you first sign up for the app, you select your current credit cards from the list given and provide your login credentials for each credit card. This allows the app to track your spending and notify you of any charges that are possibly unwanted.

We like this app because it notifies you of any potentially suspicious activity that may be happening with your cards. Maybe you forgot that the credit report free trial would automatically charge your card if not cancelled—BillGuard is designed to notify you of this charge so you can take action.


Available on: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free

The Level Money app provides daily, weekly and monthly cash flow tracking. Designed for visual learners, the Level Money app serves as a meter that shows and tracks your daily cash flow.

After linking your bank accounts and entering your income and monthly expenses (one time), Level Money shows your available balance for the month. The app breaks that balance down daily to let you know how much spending is acceptable per your monthly figures.

You can also designate a certain percentage of your income that you would like to save each month. Level Money will use this figure to help you determine what your daily, weekly and monthly spendable balance is. This app is great for any CGS members who need a daily vision of what to spend or save.

Mint Bills & Money

Available on: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Web

Cost: Free

Welcome to the holy grail of online/mobile bill pay. Check allows you to enter your bank account and billing information and pay all of your bills from the app. The app tracks when they are due and the amount.

The app sends you alerts when your bills are due and even if your bank account is too low to cover upcoming bills. The app is designed to help keep your bills in a centralized place and prevent fees from late payments.

The app is safe and secure and allows you to choose to pay your bills through a bank account, credit card or both. If you would like your bills in one place, with the option to pay them (or schedule to pay them), then Check is the way to go to stay organized!


Available on: iPhone, Android, and Web

Cost: Free

SavedPlus is an app designed to help you boost your savings. With this app, you can designate a certain percentage of every purchase or payment you make to automatically go into your savings, IRA, investment account or prepaid card.

You can select a savings percentage between 5-20%. You can also set a limit on transactions that the transfers apply to; this is perfect for excluding large purchases. We also love that the app gives users the option of setting a minimum balance requirement that will halt any transfers if your bank account balance is too low.

Current app statistics state that users are averaging an additional $200 a month of savings!


Available on: iPhone, Android, and Web

Cost: Free

Do you seem to forget which credit card offers go with which rewards when making purchases? Not to mention the rotating rewards categories? Wallaby was designed to help you maximize your credit card rewards program.

Every time you shop, the app tells you the best credit card to use. The app contains current data for over 2,200 credit cards. Simply tell the app where you are shopping and it will recommend the best card to use based on each card’s rewards program.

You even have the option of setting preferences if you want to stop using a card. This is great for controlling your available credit. Wallaby even has an additional feature that recommends the best credit card for you based on your purchase preferences.

A majority of us use credit cards consistently, so why not make the most of your cards and maximize your rewards?

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Each of the 5 apps has a different task in mind. Pick an app that best suits your needs, or use multiple ones to cover your bases. Free (and safe) technology is at your fingertips. What do you you think of the apps recommend by the CGS Team?

Share your thoughts and feedback by leaving a comment below. Feel free to share with the community any financial apps that you love or recommend as well!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I downloaded the Intuit money management app and it’s great! It allows me to set personal budgets for coffee, food, shopping, bills etc. I am able to see when bills are do and where exactly my money is going on a daily basis! I recommend this app to track your finances.

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