4 Ways to Style Tights

If you are anything like the ladies of the CGS Team, you may be hesitant to give tights a try. Every little girl has worn a pair of tights to school or some event, but not every adult woman has. With the transition from cold to warm, tights are a great way to wear some of your favorite pieces that may not be weather-appropriate by themselves. The CGS Team is sharing 4 ways to style tights, so you can give them a try!

Pair them With Shorts

Shorts certainly aren’t acceptable for the cold days, unless they are worn with tights! Take your outfit up a notch by skipping the typical denim and replacing them with a nice pair of shorts with black tights. Dress up your outfit by pairing it with studded boots like Kirsten Sinclair did!

Sheer Tights Go Well with Knee-High Boots
When only a small portion of your leg is showing, sheer tights will help separate your skirt from your boots. The next time you wear your knee-high boots with a mini-skirt or dress, opt for silkier tights like Taylor Hill.

Pair Patterned Tights with Mid-Length Pieces

Want to get fun with your tights? Take the word of PureWow on the best way to style them! “Lacy designs and fishnets are best seen from the calves down. Save them for your sleek pencil skirts and longer overcoats. Your ankles will be the stars of the show.”

Wear Thick Tights with Mini-Skirts and Heels

A good rule of thumb when wearing tights is, the more skin you’re showing, the thicker your tights should be.  When you have more leg showing, you take the risk of your runs showing. Thicker, opaque tights will hide the appearance of runs, and give you the illusion of longer legs!

Wearing tights doesn’t have equal school girl vibes! There are plenty of trendy ways to style your tights these days! Do you wear tights on occasion? If so, what are your favorite ways to style them? Post a comment below to share your fashion tips!

-The CGS Team



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