4 Ways to Mend Split Ends

Nothing is worse than trying to grow your hair, but you have split ends. It’s almost as if the growth is cancelled out by the rising split of your ends. Split ends can make your hair feel like it never grows and maintains that ghastly straw-like texture. When you want to grow your hair out, starting with the ends is extremely important. The CGS Team is sharing four ways to mend split ends so you can grow long, healthy hair.

How to mend split ends

Cut Back on the Heat

When trying to repair damaged hair, taking a break from the heat will do wonders. Not only does excess heat drain your hair of moisture, but it breaks down the protein barrier your hair needs to stay healthy. If you can’t avoid using the blow dryer or flat iron, make sure to protect your hair from the heat by using products that are specifically designed to provide that protection.

Break out the Silk

As lovely as linen sheets and pillowcases are, they can cause damage to your hair. When you sleep the coarse texture of the pillowcase can cause your hair to snag or rip. This wear-and-tear can result in making your split ends worse, or cause damage to healthy hair. Investing in a silk pillowcase will do wonders for your hair. If a silk or satin pillowcase isn’t the route you want to go, sleep with a high bun placed on top of your head. You can also wrap your hair in a scarf.

Use Repairing Products

If the ultimate goal is to repair damaged hair, then the products you use should be tailored towards that goal. Since shampoos tend to strip hair of its natural oil, go for a protein-based shampoo that repairs and cleanses. Most conditioners work best when paired with their respective shampoo. Stick with a conditioner that works to rebuild damage hair, similar to its matching shampoo partner. Also consider a weekly deep conditioning mask or oil-based serum to help mend split ends.

Get Regular Trims

Although it seems counterintuitive, regular trims helps promote healthy hair growth. Since split ends tend to rise up the hair shaft, stopping them in their tracks with a trip will ensure they don’t get the chance to grow. When split ends aren’t taken care of for a long period of time, a drastic cut is needed. Schedule your trims for every 6-8 to get the best benefit.


Growing healthy hair, sans split ends, is easy when you take the proper steps. Want to try all-natural products on your hair? Check out the DIY Hair Masks article for some easy hair mask recipes. Have you ever tried to grow your hair? How did you take make sure your split ends stayed under control? Leave a comment below to share some of your hair chronicles.

-The CGS Team



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  1. All of these tips help with split ends! The moment I stopped using my blow dryer and flat iron and started getting trims, my hair grew so fast! Now I try to maintain it with the right products!

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