4 Things Happy Couples Have in Common

When it comes to romantic relationships, it takes work. Every relationship goes through trials, but how couples handle those trials is what makes for a successful relationship.  The CGS Team has done some research to pinpoint some of the most common traits found in happy couples. No one relationship is the same, but these characteristics seem to be in every happy relationship. Check out 4 things happy couples have in common.

4 things happy couples have in common

#1 The Ability to Set Goals

Having personal goals and relationship goals, and sharing those goals with your partner is a recipe for success. It shows your significant other that you have your own independent passions, but also want to see the relationship prosper.

The ability to set goals with your partner helps build trust and a foundation to grow. Be open about your goals, and ensure your partner is too. Feel secure knowing that you both have things you are working towards individually and as a couple.

#2 Open to Compromise

Guess what? A relationship consists of two people, which means there will be times of disagreement. This is perfectly normal. As normal as differences may be, the ability to compromise can be a tough one.  Avoid problems to avoid compromise isn’t helping any situation.

Being able to acknowledge problems and work together to find a solution is a key ingredient of a happy partnership.  Knowing that you and your partner can handle anything that comes your way leads to a strong, secure relationship.

#3 Trusting with No Guard Up

This is a tough one, especially if you have been burned in the past.  Being able to let your guard down and trust that your partner has your best interest at heart can be very difficult, but it is mandatory for a healthy relationship. Trust can take years to build and seconds to break.

However, trust is more than just sexual fidelity. It’s being able to tell your partner your fears, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses without worry that they will be used against you in the future. Share things with your partner that no one else knows. Ask them to do the same. Start paving the way for a relationship built on trust and security.

#4 Being Present

Couples Specialist Debra Campbell shares how to be present in your relationship and why it’s so vital to your relationship’s success. “Being present is more than just putting down your devices and paying attention ― it’s showing that you’re deeply interested in the inner life of your partner and want to make their world better in any way you can.

Being present means freely giving your partner the gift of your full focus and being there for them in a way that’s deeper than just being physically present. It means seeing things from their point of view and not just your own.”

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Every relationship has its ups and downs, but focusing on the crucial traits for romantic success will benefit your relationship for years to come.  What characteristics have you found to help promote a happy relationship? What tips can you share for building trust or being present with your partner? Post a comment below to share!

-The CGS Team



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  1. Once my boyfriend and I were both open to communicating (and actually listening instead of trying to get our point across) we saw a difference in our relationship. We were able to set goals because of our communication. Great read!

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