4 Hacks to Make Workout Clothes Look Trendy

Working out can be very routine, so why not keep it spunky by feeling great about the workout clothes you where? It’s not a crime to go to the gym looking your best; after all you’re in the gym to be the best you can be! Just because you work out in regular clothes doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. We’re helping you think outside the box with your workout attire! Check out 4 hacks to make workout clothes look trendy every gym visit.

Crop Your Own Tops

Why waste money on buying crop tops when you can just let your creative juices flow and create your own! If you have an old tee that you don’t mind cutting up, simply cut it to your desired length of crop and pair it with your favorite work out pants. Vintage tees and baggy tops are great option for cropping. Crop tops are super easy to make, and fun to explore with your creativity. You can cut your shirt however and wherever you’d like. Before you know it, your workout fits will be trendy and cute!

Tie-Dye Old Bottoms

Work out bottoms can get tricky when trying to be trendy. You don’t want to ruin your pants by cutting them, but you definitely want to change things up from time to time. Not to mention, black workout pants can lose their color over time. Instead of cutting your bottoms, you can always tie-dye them and make them go from boring to fun.

Depending on the color of the original pants, you can play around with different colors and see which colors would take and come through. Have fun when coloring and expressing your creative side! Check out Tie Dye Your Summer for great video tutorials.

Work Out in a Skirt

It can be boring to work out in the usual leggings or shorts, so try opting for something different like a workout skirt. Female tennis players are usually spotted wearing these adorable workout pieces. They’re trendy, and super comfortable to work out in! They come in different colors and styles so you can switch it up however you like. Pair your workout skirt with a sports bra, or graphic tee and turn your workout fit from terrible to trendy in no time.

Change Your Socks

Wearing socks when breaking a good sweat is never questionable! When rocking socks with your workout fit, pair knee high socks with work out shorts for a more retro vibe. Even better if you’re able to find the tube socks and matching head band to go with it. If you prefer ankle socks, try switching up colors. Maybe no one else will see them, but you will know the difference! Nonetheless what your sock preference is, as long your work out is great, who cares!

Wear what makes you feel great, especially when getting a good workout in! Try these hacks and let us know if you think their trendy…or not. What’s your style when you head to the gym? Do you prefer to match or do you not mind as long as your workout is great? Leave a comment below to share what works for you!

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