10 Things You Can Still Get for One Dollar

Stretching your dollar gets harder and harder as time goes by. The number of things you can get for just one measly dollar is dwindling rather quickly. If you are determined to make your money count, it can be helpful to learn that there are still a few things you can get for $1 or less. Who knows if these items will raise in price in the future, but for now, your dollar has you covered. Check out 10 things you can still get for one dollar.

A toothbrush

Oral hygiene is worth the investment, but if you can still get a handy-dandy toothbrush for $1, why not?

A cheeseburger

If you’re hungry and on a budget, the dollar menu at any fast food restaurant can be a savior. Just remember to keep it to one item to stay under your $1 mark!

Cat Food

A can of Purina Fancy Feast Cat food can be found at Target for $.79.

Lip Stick

NYC’s Ultra Shine Lip Color can be found at most grocery and drug stores for a penny shy of $1.

A lint roller

Shopping the travel-size and toiletry aisles can reveal some under-$1 treasures, like a mini lint roller to keep your clothes looking good as new.

A song

You can purchase your favorite song on iTunes for $.99. Some of the songs are $1.29, so make sure you pay attention!

A cup of coffee

McDonald’s currently sells any size hot coffee for $1. If you need your morning caffeine, make sure it’s from McDonald’s!

A stock

Have you heard of penny stocks? They are stocks that sell for under $1. You may be able to get quite a few shares for $1. Just make sure your brokerage company doesn’t have any minimum balance requirements!

An eBook

If you have a Kindle, you can find hundreds of books available for sale under $1. The next birthday that comes around, ask for a Kindle or Nook!


GoDaddy offers .com domains for $.99. Certain exclusions apply, but if you are in the market for a website, GoDaddy is a great value.

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There are still a variety of things you can get for a dollar, especially if a dollar store is near you. While the quality may not always be there, you can certainly find some low-cost treasures. Can you think of any other items that cost less than $1? Post your ideas in the comments section below!

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