10 Pieces to Give Your Wardrobe a Refresh

You’ve heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, right? Well it applies to every area of life. You want to dress for success, even if fashion doesn’t speak to you. None of us can get out of wearing clothes, so we need to maximize what we do have. There are plenty of pieces to give your wardrobe a refresh and leave you feeling great!

Before you move on to the 10 pieces recommended for a wardrobe refresh, check out the article How to Successfully Invest in Fashion. The article explains why fashion is so important in our lives, and what items you should be spending good money on (and which ones you shouldn’t). Once you’ve decided to give your wardrobe a refresh, start with the items on this list! These pieces incorporate 2018 fashion trends, and fashion classics. You can’t go wrong with the items below.

10 pieces to give your wardrobe a refresh:

A fitted blazer

Blazers are appropriate anytime, day or night. While you likely have blazers hanging in your closet, give your wardrobe a refresh by incorporating a new one into the mix. Go with classic black, or opt for a fun color. As long as the fit is tailored to your shape, you will shine.

A new party dress
A little black dress is always to go-to for nice events, but having an additional party dress on hand will shake up the norm. If the parties you attend are on the professional side, keep the dress longer in length and with proper cuts. If your parties involve the club, or something of the sort, make it mini all the way!

A purple piece
Did you know that “ultra violet purple” was Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018?! That means purple will be everywhere! From shades of lilac to hues of plum, purple will take over 2018. Be on par with the trends by adding a purple piece to your collection. Keep it simple with a nice top, or go bold with a purple bottom.

A pair of plaid pants
Plaid, check print and gingham ruled the Spring 2018 runways, so incorporating professional plaid will do your wardrobe some good. Opt for cropped trousers or pair slacks with a black turtleneck. This business-savvy look is quite refreshing.

A fringe bag
You don’t have to limit your fringe to just a bag, thanks to the variety of fringe pieces out there, but ease into this trend with a bag in a neutral color. As you get more comfortable, go for fringed skirts and jackets to get the full effect.

A floral summer dress
Overdone florals are being revamped, thanks to the 60’s-inspired flower patterns. This means pieces will come with dramatic colors, large buds, and unbeatable style.

PVC sandals
PVC, also known as that funky, clear design was dominated by Chanel on the Spring 2018 runways. Everything from coats to boots were pleasantly eye-catching. Ease into this trend by going with a subtle heel or small bag.

A sequined skirt
Popsugar says “Glitter and sequins are usually reserved for nighttime festivities, but we’re here to tell you they’re perfectly fine for daytime wear too. Let the natural light reflect off a shimmery skirt or top because there’s no better way to stand out.” Let’s stand out right!

Boyfriend denim
You can never go wrong with a comfortable pair of denim, and boyfriend jeans are exactly that. The loose fit makes them comfortable, but the boyfriend style keeps them trendy. Add a distressed pair to your closet for an instant wardrobe refresh.

A classic button-up
If your button-ups are faded, worn down, or falling apart, invest in a classic white button-up. Button-up blouses are perfect for pairing with a blazer, a fun skirt, or by itself with denim. You always need a fresh button-up in your wardrobe rotation.

You don’t need anything crazy to spruce up your wardrobe this year! The pieces above won’t go out of style anytime soon, and some of them will always be trending. What pieces are you looking to invest in this year? Are there any fashion items on your wish list? Leave a comment below to share!

-The CGS Team



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