Upgrade Your Bathroom on a Budget

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, a lovely bathroom can make you feel good. Even the smallest of bathrooms have the potential to brighten one’s day, as long as they have the right ingredients.  While full bathroom renovations can cost thousands of dollars, there are little touches you can add to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank.  The CGS Team is sharing a few ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget while staying within your financial lane.

How to upgrade your bathroom on a budget

Upgrade Your Showerhead

If you live in an apartment complex, you may not have the option to upgrade your showerhead. However, you don’t necessarily need to change the pipes to give your current showerhead a lift.

The Delta In2ition + H2Okinetic shower combination enhances a current shower without messing with the pipes. What’s great about the Delta powerhead is that it delivers a wave pattern that feels drenching, but uses roughly 40% less water than a normal showerhead! This is an investment that can make a major difference on your water bill.

Accessories are a Must

No matter where you live, you can always decorate your bathroom with accessories as you see fit.  Stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond offer bathroom sets, where customers can get a matching toothbrush holder, trash can, and soap container.

Long gone are the days of plastic, single color bathroom accessories! You can get a classic stainless steel set, or opt for crystal-encrusted designs. The options are endless.  The accessories don’t have to stop there! Switching up a shower curtain can also change how a bathroom looks.

Paint can do Wonders

The quickest way to transform any room is to paint the walls! Most apartment complexes do allow tenants to paint the walls, as long as they paint it back (or pay) when they move out.  Consider painting one wall in the bathroom, or the wall that contains the medicine cabinet.  A new color can give the bathroom new life.  Remember to pick a glossy finish because it’s easy to wipe down and moisture-repellent.

Consider Different Lighting

Standard lighting is fine in any other room in the house, but a bathroom needs optimal light, especially for women.  To get the best lighting for your make-up, tweezing, and other beauty routine, opt for eye-level wall sconces with fluorescent lightbulbs.  Not only will the lighting be better for your beauty routine, the wall sconces will add a nice decorative touch to your bathroom.

Below-the-Feet Additions

There’s certainly nothing you can do about the tile in your apartment’s bathroom, but you can add nice floor mats and rugs to make it more livable.  Stick with colors in the same theme as your towels, accessories and shower curtain.

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Upgrading your bathroom can easily stay within the limits of your budget if you pick your pieces and take your time. There’s no need to rush and purchase all of your bathroom additions in one store run. Take your time and get creative! What additions have you added to your bathroom to give it a more decorative touch? If you could have a dream bathroom, what would it look like? Leave a comment below to share your bathroom décor tips and inspiration!

-The CGS Team



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