Most of us City Girl Savings members are millennials. We fall in the current 18-34 category, being born in the early 1980s through early 2000s. We may also be referred to as Generation Y. The CGS Team has previously reported on some interesting findings regarding Millennials and money. Check out the article Millennials and Money to see what most millennials think about spending and finances. In the meantime, we are sharing some of the best cities for millennials to live. These 5 cities promote the best job growth for millennials, have the highest number of millennials, and a decent cost of living.

Top 5 U.S. Cities for Millennials are...

Seattle, Washington

The great city of Seattle has been known for its delicious food (at reasonable prices) and steady job growth in the tech industry. As of 2015, the city had a millennial population of 24.1% and is still growing. Seattle has beautiful waterfront views, a multiple sky-scraper downtown area, and a pretty high median income of $67,000. This is higher than the overall $50,000 average and it helps cover the costs of living. In addition, Moody’s projection of job growth for Seattle is 10.7% through 2019.

Austin, Texas

The “live music capital” of the United States is good ‘ol Austin Texas. Can we just add that City Girl Savings is headquartered in Austin! Austin is ranked number one on Money Magazine’s best places for millennials to live in 2015. The cost of living in Austin is considerably less than Dallas or Houston, and boasts a millennial population of 26.2%! The city and its outskirts are growing rapidly, with an average of 120 people a day coming to Austin. There is no shortage of entertainment thanks to the city’s “happening” downtown area, including the famous 6th street. Job growth is a high at 13.3% through 2019!

Atlanta, Georgia

According to Moody’s, Atlanta has one of the highest projected job growth rates at a whopping 14.9%, thanks in large part to Delta Airlines and top health care providers. As of 2015, the millennial population was about 26%, with a wide variety of fun and activities available. A large zoo, the world’s largest aquarium, multiple museums, and numerous bars and lounges make Atlanta an ideal location for just about everyone, including millennials.

Portland, Oregon

As of late, Portland has been comparable to Austin, Texas! Promoting creativity, Portland has adopted Austin’s “Keep Austin Weird” tagline and made it their own. “Keep Portland Weird” is a movement designed to help people flaunt their individuality and refuse to conform. Portland is also known for delicious and affordable food, thanks to food trucks. Portland has its own NBA team and is only a 2 ½ hour drive to Seattle.

Denver, Colorado

Beautiful mountain terrains make Denver an ideal location for the nature lover. In addition to the mountainous views, Denver contains vivid landscapes and provides snow activities in the winter time. Thanks the city’s residents love of food, there is no shortage of good eats! Foodies from around Colorado make their way to Denver to divulge in delicious cuisine. Denver is also known for its bustling entertainment. They host their own NBA team and promote snow sports and activities for the adrenaline junkie.

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If you aren’t afraid to up and move to a new place, consider one of the 5 cities listed above. You are only young once, so don’t skip out on great opportunities to experience new places. Make sure you have a job lined up first (which shouldn’t be a problem)! Do you currently live in or around these cities? Have you visited any of the cities listed above? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team