Things I No Longer Buy to Save Money

Whew, it seems like everywhere we turn, the prices of everyday things continue to increase. From groceries to entertainment, from transportation to travel – I get the feeling inflation is very much here to stay. That’s why there are specific things I no longer buy to save money.

So, what can we do about rising prices? Well, we have to reassess our budgets to see where we can shave unnecessary spending, or make more money! Since making more money usually involves either getting a better-paying job or getting a side hustle, I’m going to make this article easy by sharing the things I no longer buy to save money!

Things I No Longer Buy to Save Money

Bottled Water

Not only am I trying to be more environmentally conscious, but as someone who lives alone and works remotely, a pack of bottled water can really do some damage to my grocery budget! I only buy a 6-pack of bottled water when I know I’ll have guests over (and I store them in the fridge), but I do not buy regularly.

Wondering what to use instead? I have a huge Brita water pitcher that I refill daily, and I also have a gallon water jug that helps me stay hydrated throughout the day! I save so much money by doing this!

Paper plates/utensils

I live alone so I have no problem with handwashing or utilizing my dishwasher. I just find that I’m creating more waste by throwing away multiple paper plates and utensils. Now, whenever I do Uber Eats and meals come with paper plates/utensils from the restaurant, I make sure to save them!

For me, paper plates/utensils are more for when I have guests over and I’m entertaining them with food…then again, that’s what potlucks are for! 😂

Trendy Makeup products

If you’re a regular CGS reader, you know that I’m a “beauty enthusiast”, but as I’m getting older and more sophisticated/classic, I realize that I don’t have the desire to jump on every makeup trend. During 2020, I had time to reflect on my personal makeup style to determine what products I want to keep in rotation, and I realized that I bought makeup just for the trends.

I touched upon this in my article, “7 Ways to Save Money on Makeup”, but I have been “shopping my stash” and learned that I can create pretty much any look with what I already have…and come on, I really don’t need to buy another eyeshadow palette with similar colors LOL!

{Expensive} Gym Membership

Oh yes, like a lot of people, I decided to cancel my gym membership in mid-2020 and I haven’t looked back. Instead, I utilize a free gym called YouTube Fitness! But for real, I dislike regular cardio like running on the treadmill and ellipticals – I would rather dance!

Usually, at gyms, there may be a dance class or two, but you have to sign up for them in advance or wait. Well, I can easily find a fun dance video to exercise on YouTube whenever I want! I have also bought some weights that I can use as well, with a strength training video on YouTube. Seriously, what isn’t on YouTube these days?

Now I will say, when I get my strength up, I would like to rejoin a gym in the future (maybe I’ll meet a fine and fit man there lol), but I am not rushing it. I did like seeing people work out as motivation, but I think I like saving an additional $20+ a month more!

Seasonal Décor, Every Season

Listen, I love holidays and seasons like everyone else, but my goodness how much is a Christmas tree these days? When I moved into my goddess pad, I was adamant that I would remain intentional with my decor and stick to living a minimalistic lifestyle. Therefore, whatever decor I have, that’s what I’m going to use for every holiday season. Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have seen my wallet too many times in the past!

Things Not on My Grocery List

I’m going to keep this short (like my grocery list lol): If it’s not on my grocery list, it’s not going in my grocery cart haha! I guess I’m considered “old-school” because I still write down my list and take it with me to the grocery store and cross off each item with a pen!

Keeping with the grocery theme, there are other items from the grocery store that I no longer buy:

  • Pre-Cut Fruits and Veggies – I have been released from the chains of the convenience of buying pre-cut produce when it’s cheaper to buy produce and cut them up myself! Oh, and this device has been a lifesaver for me!
  • Fresh Produce Weekly – As much as I love fruits and veggies, I just don’t eat them as quickly as I should (or maybe it’s because I live alone and feed just myself). Now I just buy what I know I’m going to eat for the week (maybe it’s only strawberries, not both strawberries and blueberries) and whatever I don’t eat, I simply freeze and use them for smoothies, and defrost when needed.
Mani/Pedi Every 2 Weeks

Recently, I have learned to do my own nails and I’ve been getting better at applying press-on nails! The more I do them myself, the better I’m getting, which instills more confidence in my beautification skills. Now, I may just get them professionally done for big events and/or vacations!

For my pedicures, I now only get them in the summers (I live in the Chicago area), and I make sure I keep them painted myself! 😉

Hopefully, sharing my own list of things I no longer buy can help inspire you to take a deeper look at your budget to see what you can cut out to save money. More importantly, I hope our economy gets a bit better!

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