Pick the Best Item on the Menu Everytime

When we’re dining out, whether it’s in the budget or not, we want it to be worth the money. We want to eat good, enjoy our meal and savor the experience. If you are going to go out to eat, you may as well pick the best item on the menu – since you’re spending money on it! The CGS Team is sharing a few tips to help you pick the best thing on the menu every time you go out to eat.

Do Your Research

Whether you are going to your all-time favorite restaurant, or trying a new place, you always want to research ahead of time. Check out the restaurant’s website to get an idea of the menu. You can also review Yelp’s or local food bloggers’ restaurant reviews to see what the best dishes are.

Ask About the Chef’s Specialty

Most people have a habit of asking the server to share their favorite dish or meal recommendations. Instead of doing that on your next restaurant visit, ask the server what the chef’s specialty is. What is the chef known for making? A chef has a knowledge and background in what ingredients to use to complement each other. We’d take a chef’s opinion over a server’s opinion any day!

Order Something You Wouldn’t Make Yourself

To really enjoy your next restaurant meal, order something you wouldn’t typically make yourself. Chicken and salmon are popular proteins, but are often what people make themselves. Try something that may be too difficult for you to make, or that contains mystery ingredients. You appreciate a meal more when you know more work or effort went into making it.

Take on the Weird

Embrace the weirdness of a menu! Instead of opting for a pasta with tomatoes, try one with raisins and pine nuts! As we mentioned earlier, chefs have training and experience with combining ingredients that taste good together. While it may sound weird on the menu, it likely wouldn’t be there if it tasted bad. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You may find your next favorite dish!


Keep our tips in mind for your next restaurant visit! Are you the type of person that will try new foods? What were some of the most unlikely ingredients that made the best dish? We would love to hear how you pick your meals when dining out, so leave a comment below to share your tips!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I will say that I am an expert orderer when I go to restaurants! Whoever I go with always wants to try my selection! I implement all of the tips above. New things make life interesting!

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