Packing Your Carry-On: 8 Things to Always Include

Summer is here! That means traveling and fun vacations, plane trips and new adventures, and more! Summer is one of the busiest travel times of the year. With the price of checked bag fees going up (unless you’re flying with Southwest), you need to make the most of what you carry on with you! Packing your carry-on can save you lots of cash! The CGS Team is sharing 8 items that should always be packed in your carry-on when jet-setting.

Silk Eye Mask

If you are flying internationally, sleep is a must. To get the best shut-eye during your plane ride, pack in a silk eye mask. Silk eye masks rank very highly as a top carry-on accessory in travel forums. Not only do they block light completely, but they’re soft on your skin. Fitglam’s Silk Eye Mask is only $8.95!

Wireless Headphones

Screaming baby in the aisle in front of you? Snoring Sam in the row next to you? Drown out any unnecessary (and unwanted) sounds with a durable pair of wireless headphones. Beats by Dre (how cute are these rose gold beats?) continue to be the most popular, but you can’t go wrong with this Ifecco set for $25.95.

Chewing Gum

Nothing takes away the pressure of flying like a stick of gum! Gum also helps you keep fresh breath through long flights.

A Change of Underwear

One Reddit user said “I got caught in a 19-hour delay once and was never so glad to have spare underwear to change into before my long-haul flight”. If your flight is delayed or your luggage comes late, a change of underwear can be a life saver!

Vitamin + Electrolyte Package

Vitamin-C can help you stay healthy while traveling. The oxygen is limited up in the air, so if someone is sick and breathing heavily, it’s likely to find its way to use. Give your immune system a boost while travelling by having a vitamin + electrolyte packet, like Airborne, handy.

Anything Valuable

Money, jewelry, small electronics, and important documents should always travel with you. Security is required to go through checked baggage, and the risk of theft is very high. Avoid having your valuables stolen by keeping them with you in your carry-on.

Healthy Snacks

Unfortunately, you can only purchase liquids after going through security, but that doesn’t apply to food! If you want to forgo the standard peanuts or pretzels on the flight, bring your own healthy snacks. Dried fruit, skinny popcorn, and turkey jerky are all filling snacks that won’t smell or go bad on your flight.

Something Entertainment

Whether it’s a good book, your kindle or laptop, or the handy iPod, make sure you pack in some entertainment on your carry-on. If you can’t sleep, or wake up from your nap early, you will be grateful to have something to keep you entertained.

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There you have it! 8 essential things that should always be packed in your carry-on when traveling. What are some of your go-to carry-on items? Have you ever left a necessity at home by accident? Share your travel and carry-on tips by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team
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2 thoughts on “Packing Your Carry-On: 8 Things to Always Include”

  1. I would add one more thing to this list – one of those little face masks, just in case… just in case you are seated next to Typhoid Mary who is coughing, sneezing and looks like a wreck. Having come down with the flu 2 days after sitting next to a passenger like this, I now make sure they are in my carry on, just in case it happens again. And lots of hand sanitizer!!!

  2. I might add an empty water bottle. You might be able to fill it up at a water fountain (you’ll probably find one near the restroom) after going through security 🙂

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