Money Advice from Moms of the CGS Community

In honor of Mother’s Day and celebrating moms around the world, we surveyed the City Girl Savings community about money advice received from their moms. Some respondents chose to be anonymous while others shared their names and the names of their mothers!

While there’s no doubt a lot of life lessons have been learned from mothers everywhere, we hope you can learn a thing of two about money from someone else’s mom!

Moms and Money: Advice from Moms of the CGS Community

From Kelsey’s mom Teriann:


Always have something of my own.

Not everything needs to be shared or disclosed.

Try and save as much as I can.

Anonymous submission

My mother really did stress the importance of not letting money change you, because money doesn’t buy happiness. I don’t know if she ever gave me distinct money advice, but my mother has always been very content and happy with her life. She’s not big on material things, travel, or things like beauty services (like me lol), but she I remember her always saying that those things didn’t make her happy.

Also, I learned from her that a handmade card for her birthday or Mother’s Day meant more to her than any grand dinner or trip. She always says:

“Lena, I don’t care about all that…my gift from you is being your mother”.
Lena and her mom Vanyette

“No credit cards.”

Wise words from Johnna’s mom Connie.

My mom taught me that it’s okay to work for the things you want. You can have what you want, just don’t be afraid to work for it.

Anonymous submission

While I don’t fully remember conversations about money from my mom, she lead by example. She never had credit card debt. Her bills were always paid on time. She worked hard and enjoyed herself on her time off. She didn’t overdue anything, but she did have a balance between staying home and going out.

I remember when I was 8 years old (and my brother was almost 6), she took us to the bank to open our first bank accounts. We each brought in our piggy banks and deposited the money into our new accounts. That bank eventually turned into Wells Fargo, and now I have a 20+ year banking history and relationship with them.

Lastly, my mom saved for retirement early and now in her later years, she doesn’t have to worry about money.

She proves the power of compounding interest.
Raya and her mom Kathy

Be smart with how you spend your money. You don’t need to buy everything.

Anonymous submission

Krystal’s mom Judith shared:


“Don’t depend on a man’s money, including your husband.”

“Don’t wear your money. Have more in your bank account than on your body.”

Anonymous submission

Keep most of your money in the bank, but keep a little at home with you.

Anonymous submission

A special thank you to everyone in the CGS community who shared their money advice from their moms!

Someone survey respondents said they didn’t learn about money from their mothers. If that’s you, you’re not alone. It’s much more common than you think.

Be gracious to your mom and learn from her mistakes with your future family!
The CGS Team



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