How’d She Do It? Lauren Conrad

If the name Lauren Conrad doesn’t ring a bell, it must mean you’ve been living under a rock the past 10 years! Many of you may know her from her hit reality TV show Laguna Beach, which later received its own spin off The Hills. Lauren, who seemed to have her life played out for the world to see, never let life’s obstacles set her back. Once the cameras stopped rolling, it didn’t mean she stopped her grind either. Lauren succeeded in achieving her dream of becoming a successful business woman.

Born February 1st, Lauren Katherine Conrad, knew early on that wanted to be a part of the fashion world. It wasn’t until 2004 when Lauren made it into the screens of our living room starring in the MTV show about a group of high schoolers in Laguna Beach, CA. Cameras followed her and her friends as they dealt with everyday things from a teenager’s point of view. After graduating high school, Lauren went on to finally pursue her love of fashion. As she took this next step into a new chapter of her life, MTV also tagged along, filming The Hills, to share the journey.

In 2006, Lauren moved forty miles away to Los Angeles to begin interning for Teen Vogue magazine. Lauren worked under the direction of the West Coast Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love. It wasn’t long after that Lauren decided she wanted more out of life than having “reality TV personality” to her resume. In 2009, she wrote her first novel “L.A. Candy” which became a best seller on The New York Times. The novel was inspired by her own life. Following the release of her first book, she released several more in 2010 called “Sweet Little Lies”, and “Sugar & Spice”. Never leaving her fashion roots, she also released a fashion guide titled “Lauren Conrad Style” the same year.  To continue her novel success, her fourth novel “Starstruck” as a spin-off to the L.A. Candy series was released in April 2012, and that same year in October, Lauren released “The Fame Game” and the beauty guide “Lauren Conrad Beauty”. Her most recent novel “Infamous” was released in June 2013.

Aside from her writing and making television appearances, Lauren Conrad was making a lovely household name for herself. She began expanding her fashion and retail brand in 2009 by collaborating with Kohl’s department stores. The line was so popular that she was able to launch her fashion, bedding, and second clothing line called LC Lauren Conrad. She didn’t stop there, she wanted her brand to target a more upscale audience Lauren decided to put out another out another line just for Nordstrom called Paper Crown in August of 2011. We share some of our favorite Lauren Conrad pieces in the CGS Designer Spotlight: Lauren Conrad article. In April 2011 Conrad launched a beauty line along with her hair stylist Kristin Ess and make-up artist Amy Nadine, which later expanded to cosmetics.


A small town girl from Laguna Beach to a Forbes List member, there’s nothing this lady can’t achieve! For a little more motivation, as of 2016 Lauren Conrad’s net worth is $25 million! This goes to show all of us the sky is the limit when you continue to keep your dreams alive. Are you a fan of Lauren Conrad? What do you think of her story? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

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