How’d She Do It? Emily Weiss

You may not recognize her name, but if you followed The Hills star Whitney Port to The City, then you certainly recognize her face. Emily Weiss was first spotted on MTV’s The City alongside Whitney Port. She was the intern who could do no wrong.  After The City, Emily continued her career in the fashion and beauty space in NYC. Today, she is a full-fledged business owner, raising over $10 million in funding and launching her own beauty line. The CGS Team is sharing the passion behind Emily Weiss and how she came to be the beauty, business mogul she is today!

The City

Connecticut born and raised, Emily has always had a passion for fashion. She told Business of Fashion how she showed up for middle school at age 10, “I showed up in thigh-high stockings, a plaid miniskirt from Contempo Casuals, and loafers, and I had a feather-topped pen. The entire Clueless look.” Her love of fashion is what took her to New York City.  She attended NYU as a studio art major but spent the majority of her time interning at Teen Vogue from her sophomore to senior years. That’s where the world came to know her through MTV’s The City.

Into the Gloss

After graduating college, Emily worked as a fashion assistant at W magazine but wanted a more hands-on role in styling photoshoots. She moved on to assist Elissa Santisi, a style director at American Vogue who subsequently became a freelance stylist, for two and a half years. Noticing a gap in the fashion market for beauty coverage, Emily launched her blog Into the Gloss in 2010 as a way to rethink, reclaim and redefine beauty standards.


In July of 2012, Into the Gloss relaunched and the pageviews literally tripled overnight, and today the site gets a million unique visitors a month as a resource for beauty product recommendations and tips. Just four years after the launch of Into the Gloss, in 2014 Emily launched her beauty line Glossier, thanks to raising over $10 million in funding. Now, Emily is the CEO of both companies and manages over 45 employees.

According to Glossier’s website, “Glossier is a new way of thinking about (and shopping for) beauty products. Because ‘beauty’ should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal. Above all, we believe that you give life to products-products don’t breathe life into you.”  Glossier’s products come from years of testing and researching what works from real-life women.

Emily showed her true colors as a business woman by spotting a gap in the market and capitalizing it. Her love of fashion and beauty made way for them to both work together! Emily continues to provide seamless beauty buys for women everywhere and provides fashion and beauty insight daily.


What do you think of Emily’s story? Do you follow Into the Gloss? Share your thoughts on Emily’s claim to fame by leaving a comment below.

-The CGS Team



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